Sunday, January 13, 2013

Simply Speaking Minutes
Colorado Community Church

It was another great night at Simply Speaking with Darryle Brown as our toastmaster.  
Sergeant-at-Arms Joe Long led us in the pledge of allegiance.  He also reminded us to turn off our cell phones.

Toastmaster Darryle Brown introduced Inspirator Anne Tacznosky who urged us to have enough courage for gratitude.  She told us that gratitude is doubled by wonder.

First speaker Gigi De Gala told us about first aid for mental health.  We all think of physical safety but never mental safety.  The first week of October is Mental Illness Awareness week.  Gigi intertwined her personal life relating her sons’ fight with depression.  Most people with mental illness will not seek help because of stigma, prejudice, or misunderstanding.  To learn more about mental illness and first aid for mental health contact Aurora Mental Health Center.

Connie Akins entertained us with her speech “The Leap of Insanity”.  By practicing he speech for the humorous contests she told us about her & her daughter, Estelle, as they prepared to fly from DIA and Connie went for refreshments.  On the way back she noticed a piece of paper dropped by a young man she described as “grand caramel macchiato”.  Her hands were full, but she had to get the boarding pass to what she referred to as a Khalua cupcake.  The only logical thing she could do was shout “Sir, you dropped your boarding pass.  She then made her way back to her gate to get on the plane & the man she helped was right behind her.

Joy Davidson presented a speech from the Better Leadership Series entitled “Developing a Mission.  She explained the difference between a mission statement, which explains how an organization will achieve its mission and a vision statement, a mental picture pointing the way.  She went into great detail explaining how enthusiasm is to an organization.  She also brought Darryle Brown up to underscore the importance of someone who is there to help others achieve their goals & help them grow.

Because of the length of the speeches there were no table topics questions at this meeting.
First time general evaluator

Rick Burton was General Evaluator and introduced the evaluators and offered evaluations of them and the meeting. He mentioned that first time evaluator Joe Long hit on Gigi’s passion in her speech, how she spoke from the heart.  Will used the perfect sandwich technique, & Joy brought Darryle up on the stage.  The meeting also started on time.

Joe Long, in his first time as an evaluator complimented Gigi on her mastery of public speaking.  Even though she read parts of the speech he said it really didn't feel like he was being read to.

Will Osagiede told Connie that she connected with the audience and amazed us by wearing a straight jacket.  She used a lot of visual imagery in describing the man she saw.  He said she gave us a purpose to get out of our comfort zones & he looks forward to her bringing home the championship.

Rick offered an evaluation for Joy, complimenting her on using an audience member by bringing Darryle up.  She presented well & offered a lot of information.  She had some great visuals & gave a great speech.

Ah Counter Diane Nuss didn't get to count very many.  She did, however, hear a few double clutches & filler words.

Grammarian David Bounds said the word of the day was used by only four people & he liked Anne’s line that gratitude is doubled by wonder.

The awards were presented to:
Best Evaluator:  Joe Long (did I mention this was his first time?)
Best Speaker:  Connie Akins, as she prepares to bring home the trophy!

Next meeting is October 18, same time, same place. Thank you all for being there!
 If you haven’t been in a while please come back & see what you've been missing.

Members present:
David Bounds, Pete Hazlet, Sherry Londo-Thomas, Diane Nuss, Cybele Antonow, Kathy Fortune, Anne Tacznowsky, Maura Thompson, Gigi De Gala, Rick Burton, Margaret Seyer, Joe Long, Joel Weismann, Darryle Brown, Concetta Palmieri, Will Osagiede, Leo Chen, Joy Davidson, Kreg Lyles, & Connie Akins.

Guest included Margaret Seyer Sr, Russ Wagner, & Willy Seymore.

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