Saturday, September 25, 2010

Simply Speaking Toastmasters to celebrate its 7th Anniversary!

Simply Speaking Toastmasters marks 7 years of excellence as a club with a special toast during the September 29th meeting. The celebration to honor the past achievements and recognize and honor the future of the club.

Simply Speaking is the home of several award winning toastmasters to include Ian Humphrey, the 2010 toastmasters regional champion and a 2010 World Championship of Public Speaking contestant, 2007 District Evaluation Contest Champion Connie Akins and 2009 District Humorous Speech Contest Champion Gigi DeGala. Chartered in September 2004, Simply Speaking Toastmasters was founded by Dana Morgan as a fun and energetic club that has evolved over the years as one of the most diverse, energetic and talented clubs in Toastmasters District 26. Denver 6 (D6) Area Governor Darryle Brown continues to serve Simply Speaking as one of its charter members.

Many have recognized the Simply Speaking club as an emerging club leading the way toward inspiring other clubs throughout the district. With its slogan "Simply Your Best Speaking Begins Here", it encompasses the present growth and future potential of toastmasters seeking to lead and inspire others to excellence as communicators.

Join us in this glorious celebration as we cheer Simply Speaking's amazing success in continually setting benchmarks and emerging as one of District 26's finest clubs!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010


It is time for all good Toastmasters to come to the aid of their club.



DUES  are due ya'll! 

You do NOT want me coming down there with both barrels blazing and Darryle in my posse. 

Help me help you!

$39.00 cash or checks made out to simply the best little speaking club in the world: Simply Speaking

Here's a fun little joke and the first person to bring me their check tonight will get to hear the end of the joke and get an ADDITIONAL PRIZE! WOO HOOO!

Right in the middle of church one sunday morning, there was a terrible clatter and an explosion and smoke and debris everywhere. People were screaming and running amuck. In the middle of all of this mayhem, the Devil himself appears. The congregation goes nuts and clears out of the church in a panicked mass. Except for one elderly woman, who just sits there. The Devil struts up to her and sneers at her, "What's wrong with you??? Aren't you terrified of me like everyone else?"
"No" she says back with a little sneer of her own.
"Well why not?" he fires back at her.

Connie Akins
Chrysalis Touch

Connie Akins

VP of Membership

Simply Speaking