Sunday, January 13, 2013

Simply Speaking Minutes
Colorado Community Church

The first meeting of2013 for Simply Speaking began with the pledge of allegiance led by Margaret Seyer filling in as Sergeant-at-Arms. She then introduced Toastmaster Darryle Brown. 

The theme was “2013: Your Year to Thrill” and the word of the day was “Resilient", the definition is: able to bounce back.

Alan Swartz filled in as Inspirator, telling us how to make changes in your life.  He told us you never really know your character until you take a risk.  Let’s take a risk in 2013!

Kelli Malcom kicked off the first speech of the year with her first speech, “To Thine Own Self be True”.   This was her father’s motto.  She told us, in her icebreaker, that her father worked for IBM and she got to see the world.  She learned a lot by meeting people from other countries.  She came to Colorado to study law and fell in love with the great outdoors and the blue sky that seems to go forever in Colorado.  She played guitar on the Pearl Street Mall before returning to college to complete her studies, which fulfills a promise she made to her father. Congratulations, Kelli!

Will Osagiede continued in the Educational Series with Speech #3 from that manual.  His speech was “Evaluate to Motivate”.  In his speech he told us that we are all coaches as evaluators.  We play an important role in identifying the strengths and opportunities of the speakers we evaluate.  This helps us all benefit by hearing from better speakers, plus our evaluations of a speaker allows us to develop our skills as speakers, too.

Will had a longer speech so there were only two speakers tonight.

The Table Topics master was Pete Hazlet.  Participants included David Bounds, Diane Nuss, and Sherry Thomas.  All three participants provided us with some great answers to the questions.

Margaret Seyer was the general evaluator, introducing the evaluators and providing them with feedback on their evaluations of the speakers.  She also evaluated the meeting which started on time and moved along very smoothly.   She thanked all the participants and congratulated Kelli on her icebreaker.

The evaluator for Kelli’s speech was Concetta Palmieri.  She told Kelli that she gave a great speech.  Concetta complimented her for not using notes, having great skills as a speaker.  She took us from childhood to present day with a very comfortable delivery and sang to us.  She also offered Kelli suggestions for improvement.

No evaluator was needed for Will’s speech since his was from the Educational Series.

Joy Davidson, in her role as timer, told us that Kelli was the only speaker in time.  All Table Topics speakers were in time.  Concetta went over in her evaluation.

Deborah Frauenfelder was our “Ah” counter.  She thanked us as a club for not having a lot of filler words.

Grammarian David Bounds caught some great lines by our speakers.  He also told us that people voted “like” and “you know” as the most overused phrases in 2012.

Quizmaster Cybele Antonow kept our listening skills sharp by asking questions about speeches and table topics answers..

Awards went to :
Best Evaluator:  Concetta Palmieri
Best Table Topics:  David Bounds
Best Speaker: Kelli Malcom

Present at the meeting:
Darryle Brown, Margaret Seyer, Pete Hazlet, Kelli Malcom, Will Osagiede, Ed Pens, Deborah Frauenfelder, Diane Nuss, Sherry Thomas, Cybele Antonow ,Concetta Palmieri, Alan Swartz, Kreg Lyles, Joy Davidson,  .

Guests: Margaret Seyer Sr  and Florian Ezui.

Next meeting January 10, 2013
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