Sunday, January 13, 2013

Simply Speaking Minutes
Colorado Community Church

With "Presidential" as our theme and "Effulgent" as the word of the day. Effulgent is a noun meaning shining brightly; radiant, emanating  joy or goodness.

The meeting got under way with Margaret Seyer leading us in the pledge of allegiance and reminding us to turn off our phones.

Toastmaster Kreg Lyles started by introducing Inspirator was Maura Thompson who told us about being inspired by Dale Jenkel before her performance in a speech contest.  She challenged us to inspire others by asking “Who have you inspired?”

Joe Long completed speech #3 by telling us he is tired of being motivated.  Now that he’s out of college and part of the working world it seems he needs to be motivated to do things, like work.  He does have a point there!

Darryle Brown continued his “Rock the Interview” series by telling us that the first impression is the most important part of the interview.  We need to check our appearance, dress appropriately, and smile.  He also mentioned the importance of a good firm handshake when meeting the interviewer(s).

Joy Davidson gave us her last educational speech to earn her Advanced Leadership Bronze.  She used John Maxwell’s book on leadership.  He defines leadership as influence.  Without it’s like being on a hike by yourself.

Will Osagiede was our Table Topics Master.  Participants included Concetta Palmieri, Diane Nuss, and Sherry Londo-Thomas.

 Margaret Seyer was our General Evaluator.  She said the meeting started on time and ran smoothly.  She also introduced the evaluators, Joel Weisman and Kathy Fortune.  She also provided evaluations of them and acknowledged first timers Toastmaster Kreg Lyles and Timer Rick Burton.

Joel told Joe that he had a very interesting speech, being tired of being motivated.  He has a great way of connecting to the audience.  He’s very calm, able to laugh at himself and he has great timing.

Kathy’s evaluation of Darryle took note of having one idea for a series of speeches.  She said he nailed it because he did not minimize anything.  He gave good advice on appearances, eye contact, check you  nails, and if you don’t know then ask somebody.

Timer Rick Burton said all speakers and table topics participants were in time.

Our Ah counter for the evening was Diane Nuss caught all the ah’s and ums, including three by her while she was giving her report.

Grammarian Cybele Antonow was the only one who used the word of the day – effulgent.
The Quizmaster was Gigi De Gala.

Kreg Lyles handed out the awards before turning the meeting over to President Cybele.
Table Topics: Concetta Palmieri
Evaluator: Joel Weissman
Speaker: Joe Long

Before closing the meeting Concetta Palmieri and Rick Burton were officially voted in and inducted.  Welcome aboard, guys!!

Members present:  Ed Pens, Maura Thompson, Joel Weissman, Pete Hazlet, Diane Nuss, Joe Long, Anne Tacznosky, Kumu Kumdaswamy, Cybele Antonow, Gigi De Gala, Connie Akins, Joy Davidson, Kreg Lyles, Concetta Palmieri,   Rick Burton, David Bounds, Darryle Brown, Will Osagiede, Sherry Londo-Thomas, Margaret Seyer, and Kathy Fortune.

Guests: Margaret Seyer and Johnna.
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