Thursday, October 11, 2012

Simply Speaking Minutes
Colorado Community Church

It was another great meeting for Simply Speaking with Gigi De Gala as our Toastmaster for the evening.  

The theme was “Our ultimate freedom is the right and power to decide how anybody or anything outside ourselves will affect us”.  She gave an example by saying that in her country saying you don’t like the president would get you thrown in jail.

The word of the day was “resonate, a verb” to relate harmoniously, strike a chord, or to receive a sympathetic response.

Sergeant-at-Arms Margaret Seyer led us in the pledge of allegiance before introducing Gigi, our Toastmaster for the evening.  She also reminded us to turn off our cell phones.

Our Inspirator for the evening was Dale Jenkel.  He reminded us to capture the moment.

Rick Burton gave us his icebreaker by telling us he is lucky to be alive.  He said his mom asked him if he had a death wish.  Two examples included the time he went into water that was too deep and he went for a run in 118 degree heat with his dog.

Second speaker Will Osagiede entertained us with his speech on political brokenness.  Using some great visuals and humor, he gave us a laugh at the two major parties.

Kathy Fortune gave a speech, “Don’t Make Assumptions” filled with humor about how easy it is to make assumptions about people In any given situation.  One example involved she and her husband tried to go skiing in Loveland and are upset when no one in town would tell them where the mountain was, they assumed it was because they are black. It turned out they were in Loveland, CO instead of Loveland ski resort.

Maura Thompson, as our table topics master asked what resonated with us in several categories.  Her questions were tailored to give us the opportunity to use the word of the day.  Participants were Diane Nuss, Felicia Arambula, Joy Davidson, Ed Pens, and Pete Hazlet.

General Evaluator Sherry Thomas introduced the evaluators as well as evaluating them and the meeting. She mentioned how well the accomplished evaluators summarized, praised, made suggestions and praised again.  The meeting started on time and we had a very charming toastmaster in Gigi De Gala.

Evaluator Cybele Antonow spoke about Rick’s confidence and he used no notes.  She said he showed his stubborn side and it probably kept him alive.

Deborah Frauenfelder evaulation complimented Will on his great visuals to provide an entertaining speech.

In evaluating Kathy’s speech Connie Akins complimented her on great delivery and humor.
Timer Anne Tacznosky informed us that all speakers, evaluators, and table topics participants were in time.  

Ah counter, Kreg Lyles, keeping track of the “ah’s” and other filler words said there were very few.

Grammarian Diane Nuss  said Maura had used the word of the day six times. Maura said she was "making up" for all the times she never uses WOD.  It had also been used by several others.

Quizmaster Leo Chen put our listening skills to the test. Keeping us on our toes, he asked questions about what was mentioned in speeches and table topics. 

Toastmaster Gigi handed out the awards and recognized our guests.  She then introduced Cybele to make a few announcements.

The awards were presented to:
Table Topics:  Diane Nuss and Joy Davidson (a tie!)
Best Evaluator:  Connie Akins
Best Speaker:  Rick Burton

Cybele reminded us that the Denver Division Speech and Evaluation Contest is Saturday October 13th at 8:00 am. Additional Information

Cybele also announced the 2012 Fall Conference will be Nov 9th & 10th Additional Information

Treasurer Felicia Arambula reminded us that dues are due.

Maura Thompson reminded us we can always get information about the upcoming events on our website

Next meeting is October 11, same time, same place.  
If you haven’t been in a while please come back and see what you've been missing.

Members present:
Dale Jenkel, Pete Hazlet, Sherry Londo-Thomas, Diane Nuss, Cybele Antonow,  Felicia Arambula, Kathy Fortune, Anne Tacznowsky, Maura Thompson, Gigi De Gala, Rick Burton, Margaret Seyer, Deborah Frauenfelder, Ed Pens, Will Osagiede, Leo Chen, Joy Davidson, Kreg Lyles, and Connie Akins.

Guest: Margaret Seyer Sr, James & Delores Synoviec, Amleset Desta, Doug Williams, and Gene & Deborah Rogers.

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