Friday, July 15, 2016

Simply Speaking July 14, 2016 Minutes

The meeting started promptly by Larry at 7:00.
22 individuals and 2 guests were present.
Tien served as Toastmaster.
Vanessa gave an inspiration focusing on the word 'Improv'
The word of the day was 

Tien pointed out that all 3 speeches tonight are Ice Breakers.
1.Marieta gave her icebreaker. She opened up sharing going from working in business to changing diapers. She shared how her dream is to leave a legacy for her children.

2.Tom gave his icebreaker. He shared about his growing up experience as a 'navy brat' and moving around a lot.  He also focused on his careers and his family.

3.Meredith delivered her ice breaker. She shared working for the potato board and all the changes in the workplace along the way.  She also offerred some inspirational thoughts about being a Toastmaster.

Table Topics:
Diane did Ice breaker. She called up four volunteers;David B, Tom M, James U, and Jim. They each acted out emotions given different scenarios.
She continued with charades calling up Tom, Chelsa, Kumu, Margaret. 

Cybele gave a timer report. 
Pete gave the 'ah' counter report.
David B gave the Gramarian report.
Kumu gave the quizmaster report.

Tom M served as General Evaluator.

1.James evaluated Marietas speech. He pointed out the excellent job she did preparing and presenting her speech. James also suggested that Marieta slow down a bit.

2.Maura next evaluated Tom's speech. She mentioned how well Tom did in his presentation and how well he explained about his life as a military brat. Maura also talked about helping Tom getting away from his 'teacher' role and more into a speaker role.

3.Mark mentioned how confident and clear Meredith delivered her ice breaker. He also suggested to use hand position that is comfortable.

Tom reviewed the meeting and emphasized how great and professional all speakers and evaluators did.

Tien wrapped up the meeting with awards:
James won best table topics
Mark won best evaluator
Marieta won best speaker

Tien called up Maura to wrap up the meeting:
She emphasized how great the meeting went
Maura also reminded the club about signing up for roles.
Mark reminded the group to sign up for roles.
Contest will be coming up in the Fall.
Maura also reminded the club to clean up and reorganize the room.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:22.

Respectfully submitted
Joel Weissman