Sunday, January 13, 2013

Simply Speaking Minutes
Colorado Community Church

The final meeting of 2012 for Simply Speaking began with the pledge of allegiance led by Diane Nuss filling in for Joe Long.

Diane Nuss was also out Toastmaster for the evening.
The theme was “Celebrate the New Year” and the word of the day was “Replete”, an adjective meaning  to amply or fully equipped, full , sated, complete, stuffed, supplied”.

Gigi De Gala was our Inspirator asking us to celebrate Christmas first.  She read from a poem reminding us that there are “many things that come to mind” that we want, but we should treasure all the good times, the people in our lives.

Deborah Frauenfelder was the first speaker.  Her speech titled “Customer Service” focused on the importance of listening and relating to people, skills we can learn and master through Toastmasters.  She played the role of a customer service representative taking phone calls, as well as the caller during her speech, giving us great examples and lots of humor.  Expect more from her on this subject in 2013.

Darryle Brown was the second speaker with a speech titled “The Champion’s Journey” took us on a ride through a speaker’s journey starting with joining Toastmasters and going all the way to winning a speech contest.  She surrounded herself with people who could help her; she set a goal and remained focused.  The important part of the journey is how you make it and Sherry Londo-Thomas is the champion of Darryle’s speech.

Margaret Seyer concluded the speeches with her educational speech from The Successful Club Series.  Her speech, “Finding New Members for Your Club” stressed the importance of greeting guests and making them feel welcome, inviting people to the meeting, and explaining what we at our meetings to our guests.  There were other points she covered as well, with lots of humor and a little of her personal history with Toastmasters.

The Table Topics master was Felicia Arambula.  Participants included Ed Pens, Margaret Seyer, Kelli Malcom, and Gigi De Gala.

Will Osagiede was the general evaluator, introducing the evaluators and providing them with feedback on their evaluations of the speakers.  He also evaluated the meeting.  The meeting started on time and there were no new guests.   Toastmaster Diane was very enthusiastic and kept the meeting moving smoothly.  She was also able to fill a couple last minute roles.

Pete Hazlet’s evaluation of Deborah Frauenfelder complimented her use of props, which included a Santa has and a large Christmas pen.  She also did well playing the roles of caller and the customer service representative.

Ed Pens provided the evaluation for Darryle Brown.  Darryle had great stage presence and a great presentation.  Darryle used the element of surprise in describing Sherry’s journey to a speech championship, naming her at the end of the speech rather than at the beginning.

There was no need for a third evaluator since Margaret’s speech was from the Educational series.  Margaret needs one more speech from the Educational series to earn her ALB!

Joel Weismann, in his first time at Timer, reported that all speakers, table topics participants, and evaluators were in time.

Grammarian Sherry Thomas told us that three people used the word of the day.  Sherry Thomas was also our Quizmaster for the evening, testing our listening skills.

Awards went to :
Best Evaluator:  Ed Pens
Best Table Topics:  A tie between Kelli Malcom and Ed Pens
Best Speaker: Darryle Brown.

Present at the meeting:
Darryle Brown, Margaret Seyer, Pete Hazlet, Kelli Malcom, Kathy Fortune,  Joel Weissman, Will Osagiede, Ed Pens, Deborah Frauenfelder, Diane Nuss, Felicia Arambula, Sherry Thomas, and Gigi De Gala.

Guests: Margaret Seyer Sr .
Next meeting January 3, 2013

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