Sunday, January 13, 2013

Simply Speaking Minutes
Colorado Community Church

We all had our Thanksgiving feasts on our minds we started our meeting, and "Thanksgiving" was the theme, "Feast" was the word of the day.

Sergeant-at-Arms Joe Long led us in the pledge of allegiance before turning the meeting over to Toastmaster Margaret Seyer.

Okay, it’s a cheap play on words, but Will Osagiede as our Inspirator reminded us that Thanksgiving is about gratitude, no matter what you’re going through.  Showing gratitude is like a reset button for us.

Leo Chen was our first speaker talking about shyness in a speech aptly named “The Silent Minority”.  Shyness was not recognized as a disease until 1975.  There are three causes of shyness, of which 15% to 20% of the population suffers from.  The three main causes are genetics, parents, and culture.  It was a great speech with an abundance of information.

With a speech titled “If I Was the School Superintendent”, Joel Weissman told us what he would do if he was the Denver Public School Superintendent.  He informed us that of the Special Education students only 50% graduate, many students are not prepared for college, and that not everyone should go to college.  He would require only one semester of Geometry, Algebra would not be a requirement (YAY!). There would be only four semesters of science, and there would be a two semester class on communication.   Literature and Composition would be replaced by a two semester Toastmasters Junior Program.

Third speaker Rick Burton told us about the “The Chicago Plan” in his speech with the same title.  The Chicago Plan was conceived as a result of the Great Depression and is being looked at again by the International Monetary Fund in response to the recent economic catastrophe.  It would ban banks from creating their own money; the U.S. government would borrow money interest free.   Since the government is in charge of currency it would pay no interest on its own money, thus eliminating a lot of debt, a great speech with a ton of information.

Table Topics Master Darryle Brown had a feast of questions for participants Will Osagiede, Deborah Frauenfelder, and guest Kelly Malcom.

General Evaluator Cybele Antonow introduced the evaluators and evaluated them and the meeting.
The meeting started on time and the evaluators did a great job.

Maura Thompson offered an evaluation on Leo pointing out he started his evaluation with a question, asking how many people consider themselves shy, a very fitting opening for Toastmasters. In addition to this he gave three reasons for shyness.  Maura mentioned that someone told her that Toastmasters is a group of extroverts, and she told him that’s not really true because she discovered she is shy, too.

Kreg Lyles offered his evaluation of Joel, mentioning that he offered a feast of information, it was well organized, researched, and came from years of experience as a teacher in the Denver Public School system.

Joy Davidson evaluated Rick’s speech, congratulating him on tackling a difficult subject.  He had a great opening and closing, with a lot of information in between.  She told him that there is a lot of information in his speech, enough for a series of speeches.  

Cybele evalutaed the evaluators staring with Maura‘s evaluation mentioning Leo's great opening and information.  Kreg use the word of the day, saying that Joel had a feast of information.  He also commented on Joel’s objectives.  Joy’s evaluation had a great opening and she jumped right in with her evaluation.  The meeting also started on time and Margaret was doing a great job as Toastmaster.  We also and a great feast of table topics.

Timer Sherry Thomas kept track of time for everyone.  Leo was in time with his speech.  Kreg and Joy were in time for evaluations.  All Table Topics participants were in time.

Ah Counter Concetta Palmieri kept track of the ahs, ums, and double clutches.  She told us there weren't a lot of them.

Grammarian Alan Swartz noted some great lines.  Will offered "emotional reset button of gratitude", Leo used "fear of the invisible" and "shy gene", and Rick said "money is made by law".

Quizmaster Diane Nuss tested our listening skills, which are very important for evaluations and absorbing information from the speakers.

Awards were handed out by Margaret.  They include:
Table Topics: Guest Kelly Malcom
Evaluator: Joy Davidson
Speaker: Leo Chen

Present at the meeting:
Darryle Brown, Alan Swartz, Connie Akins, Margaret Seyer, Maura Thompson, Diane Nuss, Leo Chen, Sherry Thomas, Pete Hazlet, Tom Marrs, Joe Long, Leo (Liang) Chen, Joel Weissman, Will Osagiede, Ed Pens, Kreg Lyles, Deborah Frauenfelder, Joy Davidson, Cybele Antonow, Rick Burton, and Concetta Palmieri.

Guests: Margaret Seyer Sr  Jonna, and Kelly Malcom.

Next meeting November 29

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