Wednesday, June 19, 2013

 Susan Cain Author and advocate for introverts offers three tips for quiet types to master the art of speaking in public.
Simply Speaking Minutes
Colorado Community Church
May 16, 2013
Our meeting began with Sergeant-at-Arms Joel Weissman leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  He then introduced Cybele Antonow as our Toastmaster.  Our meeting was at Empire Beauty School.
Our theme was “It is important to have fun”.    Our word of the day was “Intrigue: to arouse the curiosity or interest of by unusual, new, or otherwise fascinating or compelling qualities; appeal strongly to; captivate.  
Inspirator Margaret Seyer read a week’s worth of inspiration to us.  It included smiling and dancing often.
First speaker Diane Nuss, in her speech “Father of the Year” explained why he earned the award.  He said there was no such thing as “boy’s chores” or “girl’s chores”.  They all shared in the chores, her parents’ marriage was a joint effort, and they took a family vacation every year.
David Jenkins presented his icebreaker.  He told us he is who he is because of the influence of some very special people in his life.  His mother raised seven kids by herself and made sure they saw a world outside their Philadelphia neighborhood, taught them to seek all there is and told them to reject complacency.  His children, now he has to teach them, and his wife, who persuaded him to go back to school.  He also had a neighbor who taught him home maintenance skills.
Deborah Frauenfelder was our third speaker.  In her speech”What is a Trio?” she explained more about Toastmasters.  It is a group of three and Toastmasters has three parts:  structures, leaders, and roles.  She also gave us some great insight on what the officers above the club level do.
First time Table Topics Master Vennita Jenkins called on volunteers to answer questions.  Participants Darryle Brown, Connie Akins, Kathy Fortune, and Matt Dudzick had fun and had us laughing hysterically.  Congratulations and many thanks to Vennita for adding to the fun!
General Evaluator Joel Weissman evaluated the meeting by saying that the table topics were the best he’s ever seen.  He also complimented the evaluators for the great job they did.  This was Joel’s first time as general evaluator.
First evaluator Joy Davidson complemented Diane on covering her objectives and delivering the speech with great passion.
Second evaluator Maura Thompson told David that he had a very intriguing title to his speech.  He also used that title to mark each milestone in his life as he informed us who the people were who were influential in his life.  He also had great projection.
Third evaluator Darryle Brown thanked Deborah for an information filled speech.  She provided a lot of information and gave us a better idea about what goes on above the club level.
Time Keeper Will Osagiede reported that the speakers and Table Topics participants were in time.  The evaluators were in time, too.
Felicia Arambula filled the Ah Counter and Quizmaster positions.  She described herself as having her “eagle ears” on when listening for the filler words and some great questions as quizmaster.
Awards went to
Best Evaluator: Maura Thompson
Best Table Topics: Kathy Fortune
Best Speaker: David Jenkins He also received his Icebreaker award

Present at the meeting:
Monica Alvidrez, Darryle Brown, Joy Davidson, Lee Johnson, Pete Hazlet, Will Osagiede, Diane Nuss, Felicia Arambula, Connie Akins, Maura Thompson, Cybele Antonow, Joel Weismann, Kathy Fortune, Tom Marrs, Vennita Jenkins, David Jenkins, Deborah Frauenfelder, Margaret Seyer, Matt Dudzick, Sherry Thomas, Lee Johnson,, and Concetta Palmieri.
Our guests for the evening were Margaret Seyer Sr, Journey Gordon, Davorka Lipovscak, and Zelimir Adamic