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Simply Speaking Minutes
Colorado Community Church
January 17, 2013

Our meeting at Colorado Community Church began with Margaret Seyer leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  She then introduced our Toastmaster for the evening, Ed Pens.

The theme was “Being True to Oneself” and the Word of the Day was “Noddist” noun – one who goes along with the people around him or her without agreeing to what they do or say.  One who gives a nod to what is going on around him.

Inspirator Pete Hazlet read a quote from Robert Cushing urging people not to “stand back, thinking of the cold and danger, but to jump in and scramble through the best as we can.”

First speaker Cybele Antonow’s speech, “How to Budget for a Vacation” was filled with great information and tips on planning a vacation and paying for it as well.  She also told us that 25% of Americans don’t take vacations.  Cybele also told us that vacations are heart healthy because they lower stress levels.  Cybele’s speech was from the Speaking to Inform manual, it was speech #2.  Great job, Cybele!

Our second speaker, Kathy Fortune, provided us with a very stirring rendition of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech.  It was 50 years ago that Dr King delivered this speech in Washington D.C.  .  Kathy gave speech #4 from the Interpretive Reading Manual.   Thanks Kathy for reminding us of his dream for all of us.

Table Topics Master Kelli Malcom proved she is just as good with the questions as she is with the answers.  She provided some great questions and opportunities for Maura Thompson, guest Heather Gonzales, and Sherry Thomas.

General Evaluator Darryle Brown introduced the evaluators, as well as evaluating the meeting.  

Kumu Kandaswamy covered key elements in Cybele’s speech. She told Cybele that she gave us a lot of information, including a lot of statistics and shared her personal experiences with us.

Concetta Palmieri told Kathy that her rendition of Dr King’s speech.  She told Kathy that it was a very powerful speech, it grabbed at her heartstrings and never let go.  She also thanked Kathy for sharing her personal experiences growing up in the south with us as well.  

Joy Davidson was our “Ah” Counter for the evening.  She did a great job keeping track of all the ahs and ums.

Grammarian Maura Thompson reported some great lines people used.  She also did a great job keeping track of who used the word of the day.  

Quizmaster Will Osagiede tested our listening skills as he asked us questions about what people said in their speeches.

Timer Margaret Seyer said that the evaluators and Table Topics participants were in time.  There were technical issues with the stopwatch and it was decided that the speakers were in time.

Ed Pens handed out the awards before turning things over to our president.
Best Evaluator: Concetta Palmieri
Best Table Topics: Sherry Thomas
Best Speaker: Cybele Antonow

Present at the meeting:
Darryle Brown, Margaret Seyer, Pete Hazlet, Kelli Malcom, Kathy Fortune, Will Osagiede, Ed Pens, Tom Marrs, Cybele Antonow, Maura Thompson, Concetta Palmieri, Sherry Thomas, and Kumu Kandaswamy.

Guests: Heather Gonzales, Margaret Seyer Sr .

  • Toastmasters International and Table Topics contest February 28th. Lots of roles to be filled!!

  • No meeting February 14th.

  • Toastmasters Leadership Institute Fort Collins
When: Sat, January8 am – 12:30 pm
Where:  Fort Collins Timberline Church 2908 S. Timberline Rd, Fort Collins, CO Fort Collins, CO (map)
Contact: Paula Cowen,

  • Toastmasters Leadership Institute Highlands Ranch Mid Week
When: Tue, January 29, 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Where:  Eastridge Rec. Center, 9568 University Blvd, Highlands Ranch CO, Littleton, CO 80130 (map)
Contact: Joe Fleenor,  Cell 720-351-3871

  • Super Bowl Party Sunday February 3rd @ Cybele’s house. Details to come.

  • Our new VP of Membership is Kathy Fortune

  • Name tags for those without  will be at 2/31 meeting

  • Please “recommend” Facebook page to your friends.

  • Remember to use the Simply Speaking website as your portal to Easy Speak, Blog, Facebook Page, District 26, Toastmasters International,  District 26 Newsletter.

Next meeting January 24, 2013

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