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Simply Speaking Minutes
Colorado Community Church
January 24, 2013

Our meeting at Colorado Community Church began with Margaret Seyer leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  She then introduced our Toastmaster for the evening, Will Osagiede.

The theme was “Revive the Passion” and the Word of the Day was “Dissimulate” verb –conceal or disguise one’s thoughts, feelings, or character: ex. Now that you are a Toastmaster, you no longer need to dissimulate your speaking skills .

Inspirator Kelli Malcom told us when we are challenged to remember the words from Henry Ford, an airplane always takes off against the wind.

First speaker Concetta Palmieri gave a speech, “Wedding Bell Blues” had some great ideas to relieve the stress from well-meaning people who ask “When are you getting married?”  The answer was “someday”.  When the date is finally set and the planning gets to be too much, take a trip to Las Vegas.  Stand outside one of those cheesy wedding chapels, take a picture of yourselves standing outside, thumbs up, big smiles and email it to your family.  The most important part is not taking the wedding planning so seriously.  Excellent speech and excellent advice, thanks Concetta!

Our second speaker, Darryle Brown, provided us with more information on the interview process in “Rock the Interview (Part 7)”.  He explained the importance of researching the prospective employer.  We need to know our resumes inside and out, have a job description for our current position, and look at past jobs for skills that are transferable to the job we’re seeking.  A very informative speech and a great job by Darryle!

Third speaker, Pete Hazlet, gave a speech titled “Don’t Drink the Bottled Water”.  He explained the high cost of bottled water as well as explaining that bottled water is not safer than tap water.  In many cases it is straight from the tap, and the bottles add to our garbage.  

Table Topics Master Cybele Antonow informed us that how we move on stage affects how we do when we’re speaking.  Participants included Felicia Arambula, Kelli Malcom, and Tom Marrs. Felicia showed us and told us about her paragliding experience , Kelli, responding to a Tony Robbins statement “You have to be able to dance with fear” by showing how she dances with a guitar when she’s onstage.  T.D. Jakes said greatness is contagious and Tom Marrs gave an example of mediocrity, showing how it could spread.  Great job by all three!

General Evaluator Ed Pens introduced the evaluators, as well as evaluating the meeting and the evaluators.

Felicia Arambula evaluated Concetta’s speech, noting that she greeted us as well as greeting the guests by using their names.   Concetta had a great title and focused on not using her notes.  The delivery was very conversational and she has polite authoritativeness.  Great job, Felicia!

Kumu Kandaswamy, in her evaluation of Darryle, told him that he brings in great research to his speech.  He includes his experiences and had some great handouts.   Great job, Kumu!

Third evaluator, Connie Akins, explained the role of evaluator to the guests.  She congratulated Pete on his great opening, research, use of quotes, and the solutions.  He also tied the opening and closing together.

All three evaluators also offered ideas for the speakers’ next speeches.

Timekeeper Tom Marrs reported that Concetta’s and Pete’s speeches were on time, as well as all Table Topics participants.  Even though the evaluators went over we still voted on them.

Margaret Seyer was our “Ah” Counter for the evening.  She did a great job keeping track of all the ahs and ums.

Grammarian Joy Davidson reported some great lines people used.  She also did a great job keeping track of who used the word of the day.  

Quizmaster Sherry Thomas tested our listening skills as he asked us questions about what people said in their speeches, table topics, and evaluations.

General Evaluator Ed Pens  reported that the meeting started a little late, but moved along very nicely.

Awards went to
Best Evaluator: Connie Akins
Best Table Topics: Felicia Arambula
Best Speaker: Concetta Palmieri

Present at meeting:
Darryle Brown, Margaret Seyer, Pete Hazlet, Kelli Malcom, , Will Osagiede, Ed Pens, Tom Marrs, Cybele Antonow, Felicia Arambula, Joy Davidson, Concetta Palmieri, Sherry Thomas, and Kumu Kandaswamy.

Guests: Margaret Seyer Sr , Jonna Castle, Lucy Brown, and Xiao ( pronounced show, rhymes with “how”) Laing

Next meeting January 31, 2013

  • Cybele is hosting a Party on Sunday Feb. 10th, 2013 at 3pm.  It will include: Table Topics, Improv, Highlights from the Superbowl, and the opportunity to watch last year's Toastmaster International contestants to see and hear what a winning speech looks and sounds like. Come ready to have Loads of fun, eat, drink and be merry with your fellow Toasties!  Chili, cornbread, and Iced tea provided. Check your email for address and list of items needed
  • Toastmasters International and Table Topics contest February 28th. 
  • No meeting on Valentine's Day, February 14th

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