Saturday, August 20, 2011

An Electrifiying Get Together at Dawn's For S.S.'s Team Building!

What an amazing time at Dawn's for Simply Speaking's first team building event of the year! The afternoon started with great food, friends and members bringing family for a time of BBQ, Volleyball and Karaoke. The event kicked off very well with special guest stars, Elinora, Betty, Abigail and Michelle making an appearance, followed by a BBQ cook off by master chefs Titanic Tom Marrs and Wild Will Osagiede. Judges were called upon to judge their dishes based on four categories. They competed against each other in preparing beef brisket in very close race in which Tom won by a point or two. Both should be very proud because their masterfully prepared food was not only delicious but gone within minutes of being served in the party.

Michelle Bires and Gigi De Gala kicked off the karaoke event, which became an unexpected hit when it was discovered that many karaoke songs could be pulled directly from YouTube! Everyone joined into the act to include an amazing Patsy Kline rendition by our newest member Jacqueline Shaw. The volleyball event was a rip roaring good time as everyone played on different teams during each game and one team made an amazing comeback to win a game from a 6 point deficit. Many guests were impressed by the camaraderie expressed between Simply Speaking toastmaster members.

Simply Speaking Team Building events do exactly what they are designed to do-- deepen relationships betweeen members whcih carry over into the nature and culture of our meetings. If you missed it, make sure you go to the next one, because you will have a great time. It's team building events like these that make me so proud I am a part of The Club of Champions, Simply Speaking Toastmasters!

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