Thursday, January 24, 2013

Simply Speaking Minutes
Colorado Community Church

At 7:00 p.m. our meeting started at Colorado Community Church in Aurora.
Margaret Seyer filled in as Sargeant-at-Arms and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  

President Cybele Antonow explained the use of the laminated evaluation forms.  They are to be used as guidelines for written and spoken evaluations.

Toastmaster Gigi De Gala served as Inspirator by telling us to let this year be the year without fear.

Concetta Palmieri was the first speaker and presented speech #2 from the Competent Communicator Manual.  Her speech titled “I Did it My Way” told us how she quit smoking.  She started a job as a teacher and was concerned about the image she’d project to the students in her class.  Great job with the smoking cessation and the speech.

Speaker #2, Darryle Brown, presented “Rock the Interview” Part 6.  He told us to practice to get a normal, comfortable tone of voice.  Pitch, rate of speaking, and quality – flow of the voice – are important.

In a very moving speech our third speaker for the evening, Sherry Thomas presented her storytelling speech titled “Invisible”.  She told us how she felt invisible as a child and later as an adult.  It was when she found Toastmasters that she found she has a voice, and she is no longer invisible.

Table Topics Master Joy Davidson let participants choose from several pictures and a phone conversation to present their table topics answers.  The participants, all who did great, were Kelli Malcom, Deborah Frauenfelder, David Bounds, and Cybele Antonow.

Timer Felicia Arambula told us that Darryle and Concetta were in time, as well as all  Table Topics Participants.

Evaluator #1, Pete Hazlet evaluated Concetta’s speech, congratulating her for kicking the smoking habit and how she did it.  She also had some great statistics – 38% of the people make no New Year’s resolutions.   He also told her she has a great stage presence and speaks like a veteran.  He also offered some suggestions for improvement.

Evaluator #2, Tom Marrs told Darryle that his speech contained a lot of great information about preparing the voice for the interview.  He told Darryle that he is a terrific speaker and he looks forward to Darryle’s next speech on interviewing.

Evaluator #3, Will Osagiede brought up the objectives in Sherry’s speech, telling her she gave a wonderful speech, feeling invisible as a child, continuing into adulthood.  He also gave her some suggestions for making her speech better.

General Evaluator David Bounds told us the meeting started on time.  He said the inspiration was less than a minute, which doesn’t happen often.  He also said the evaluators did a great job and offered suggestions for improvement.

Ah Counter Diane Nuss kept a close track of the uhs and ahs, as well as the double clutches. Thanks for a great job well done by Diane.

Grammarian Cybele Antonow kept track of all the great lines in the speeches, table topics, and evaluations.  Thanks for a great job, Cybele.

Quizmaster Margaret Seyer showed us why we need great listening skills with her questions.  Thanks for the excellent job, Margaret.

Awards went to the following people :
Best Evaluator:  Will Osagiede
Best Table Topics:  Kelli Malcom
Best Speaker:  Concetta

Present at the meeting:
Darryle Brown, Margaret Seyer, Pete Hazlet, Kelli Malcom, Will Osagiede, Deborah Frauenfelder, Diane Nuss, Sherry Thomas, Cybele Antonow ,Concetta Palmieri, Alan Swartz, Felicia Arambula, Joy Davidson, David Bounds, Tom Marrs, and Gigi De Gala .

Guests:  Margaret Seyer Sr .

Toastmasters International and Table Topics contest February 28… who will take up the challenge?

Next meeting January 17, 2013

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