Thursday, October 11, 2012

Simply Speaking Minutes
Colorado Community Church

Sergeant-at-Arms Margaret Seyer led us in the pledge of allegiance before introducing Cybele, our Toastmaster for the evening.

It was another great meeting for Simply Speaking with Cybele Antonow as our Toastmaster for the evening.  

The theme was “Great Communication: The Key to Success”.  
The word of the day was “reciprocity” meaning mutual exchange.

Inspirator Pete Hazlet gave a short, but poignant inspiration from poet E. E. Cummings, “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter”.

Mauricio Cortes’s speech was titled “Slowing Down”.  He told us that in his younger years he was known as “The Extreme” because of all his risk taking activities, think rugby or mixed martial arts.  His efforts to slow down included golf, skeet shooting, and fly fishing.   He also introduced us to his new best friend, the cortisone shot.

Darryle Brown (who agreed to fill in that day) rocked us with “Rock the Interview Part 3: Win the Job/Promotion”.  Darryle was prepared, as he recommends for interviews, since he was called on at the last minute.  He urged us to practice for the interview to relieve jitters and make a great impression.  He said that what you do before the interview affects what happens during the interview.

Anne Tacznowsky, in her speech, told us about Greta, a woman with great compassion for others, wanting to change career paths.  She started doing data entry at the Denver Rescue Mission and eventually moved up into a position of leadership.  She surrounded herself with people who shared her vision.  Anne also reminded us that leadership is measured by results.

Leo Chen was our table topics master.  Using the method recommended in the manual he asked the question before calling someone up to speak.  In his debut effort as the Table Topics master he did a magnificent job with some great questions relating to where the participants were born.  Participants included Joel Weismann, Sherry Thomas, Danae Deal, and Ed Pens.

General Evaluator Alan Swartz introduced the evaluators as well as giving them an evaluation.  He gave them high marks for their evaluations.  The meeting started on time.  His evaluation of the meeting included a thank you for Cybele, who put together a great meeting and found a replacement speaker in Darryle at the last minute.   

Maura Thompson’s evaluation of Mauricio focused on his great humor. She recommended he pause during the laughter allowing the group to hear his next line.  She also mentioned his great use of the stage and natural gestures.

Felicia Arambula was the evaluator for Darryle.   She was impressed by his show of genuine concern for his audience.  He also offered a lot of good information and inspiring words for us.

Kathy Fortune commended Anne for her topic.  She told Anne she picked someone with great concern for others.  Her subject also had a great crescendo of development.  Anne also had a great line ‘Lead by example”.

Timer Dale Jenkel said that Mauricio’s and Anne’s speeches were in time.  All table topics participant s were also in time.

Diane Nuss was the ah counter, keeping track of the “ah’s”  and other filler words.  Two people had none.

Grammarian David Bounds kept track of our grammar.  He also captured some great lines in the speeches like Ed Pens’s description of “the heavy air of L. A., Anne’s “lead by example” , or “When your very fears are realized” and  “my new best friend, the cortisone shot”.

Quizmaster Danae Deal, (also filling in at the last minute) tested our listening skills.

Toastmaster Cybele Antonow handed out the awards and recognized our guests.  

The awards were presented to:
Table Topics:  Sherry Londo-Thomas
Best Evaluator:  Maura Thompson
Best Speaker:  Mauricio Cortes

Area Humorous contest Tuesday October 2  7:00 p.m.
Dues are due

Next meeting is October 4, same time, same place.  If you haven’t been in a while please come back.

Members present:
Dale Jenkel, Darryle Brown, Pete Hazlet, Sherry Londo-Thomas, Diane Nuss, Cybele Antonow, Alan Swartz, Felicia Arambula, Kathy Fortune,  Danae Deal, Anne Tacznowsky, Joel Weismann,  Mauricio Cortes, Maura Thompson, and returning member Ed Pens.  Welcome back, Ed!

Guests: Maria & Gary Thomas, Jonna Castle, and Concetta Palmieri.

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