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Simply Speaking Minutes
Colorado Community Church
9/20/2012 Humorous Speech  and Evaluation Contest

A great test speaker and lots of humor were on tap for this very special contest.  We started on time with Sergeant-at-Arms Pete Hazlet calling the meeting to order and a reminder to turn off all cell phones.  He then led us in the pledge of allegiance.  

Chief judge Alan Swartz explained the roles and the timing of speeches.  He also explained how the meeting would progress and introduced Toastmaster Margaret Seyer.

Test Speaker Ousmane Ndoye of Absolutely Articulate gave a speech titled “Stand with No Excuses”.  He told about his life in Africa.  His parents divorced when he was young.  They were poor and he had to live in a compound with his father, who physically abused him.  He found himself on a beach one day kneeling, crying, and asking himself “Is this why I was born?’  He eventually move to the United States for a better life and remembering the words of his grandmother “no excuses”.  He compared them to viruses or mushrooms, spreading everywhere.  In a very riveting and inspiring speech he told us that if you don’t fight them they will destroy everything.

Sergeant-at-Arms Davorka Lipovscak escorted the evaluators from the room for the evaluation contest.   She brought each contestant in for their evaluations of Ousmane’s speech. 

Cybele Antonow was the first evaluator.  She found it heartwarming when he was on the beach crying “Is this why I was born?’  She also liked the analogy of excuses being like a virus that would destroy everything.  Using the sandwich approach, she also offered feedback on what he could do to improve his speech, as well as complimenting him on a great speech.

Evaluator Lee Johnson said Ousmane took us on an emotional journey.  He commented on Ousmane’s analogy comparing excuses to viruses or mushrooms growing here and there.  Lee also offered suggestions in his sandwich approach and commented on a great speech that offered up Abraham Lincoln and Dr Martin Luther King Jr as examples of people who did not use excuses.

Final evaluator Tom Marrs said he was inspired by the speech.  He said it seems like everyone is trying to come up with excuses for why they fail or why things go wrong.  He brought out the point that Ousmane made, saying that he talked back to his excuses and laughed at them.  He too used the sandwich approach in his evaluation by offering suggestions and congratulating Ousmane on a great speech.

The humorous speech contest got under way with Mauricio Cortes revealing his funny side.  In his speech, titled “Coming Out” he started talking about the macho things men like to do.  Men like to watch football, drink kegs of beer and have triple meat pizza from Domino’s.   He then explained that it was time to come out, to reveal something that he really enjoys.... scented candles.  He even brought a few for some of the men and said he has gotten bold enough to burn two different fragrances at the same time.

Just when you thought the sidesplitting laughter was over, Cybele Antonow told us about her time on Fear Factor Live.  She asked “did you ever sign up for something only to ask yourself ‘Why am I doing this”  The first challenge was to walk out on a plank 40 feet up.   She held onto a bar as the plank dropped out from under her, leaving her to hold on.  She had to outlast three other contestants.   This, and another challenge involving retrieving balls wore our president out (not that I could do any better !)! 

Maura Thompson told us about her dream. It starts with winning a table topics contest and being congratulated by President Obama. He would ask her "to be his Boo." (he and Mrs Obama having broke up) and say that he could not will the election with out her impromptu speaking skills.  She would agree,  he would win and her dream would come true as she became Maura Shannon Obama becoming the First Lady and bringing World Peace.

Rick Burton rounded out the comedy portion of the contest with his speech titled “Beauty Transformed”.  He started out with the statement “Beauty is only skin deep”, a line that has been around so long it’s become trite.   We need some new slogans, like “if life hands you a lemon, put it in your bra”. He went on to describe how he adopted the ugliest dog in the shelter but loves him greatly because is only skin deep.

Awards went to the following people:

3rd Place:  Lee Johnson
2nd Place: Cybele Antonow

1st Place: Tom Marrs

3rd Place: Mauricio Cortes
2nd Place: Cybele Antonow
1st Place: Maura Thompson

Deborah Frauenfelder offered her congratulations to all who participated.  Cybele Antonow also thanked and acknowledged all who participated.  The D6 Area Contest is Tuesday October 2.

Members present:
Margaret Seyer, Pete Hazlet, Davorka Lipovscak, Zelimir Adamic, Mauricio Cortes, Leo Chen, Deborah Frauenfelder, Dale Jenkel, Cybele Antonow, Tom Marrs, Rick Burton,  Lee Johnson, Felicia Arambula, Alan Swartz, Connie Akins, Maura Thompson, Kathy Fortune, Sherry Thomas, Diane Nuss, & Danae Deal.

Guests included Margaret Seyer Sr, Betty Funderburk, Virginia Deal, Ousmane Ndoye, Curtis Eubanks &  district treasurer Joanna Knot.

Chairperson: Dale Jenkel
Chief Judge: Alan Swartz
Timers: Diane Nuss & Leo Chen
Toastmaster: Margaret Seyer
Sergeant-at-Arms: Davorka Lipovscak & Pete Hazlet
Judges: Curtis Eubanks, Joanna Knot, Felicia Arambula, Connie Akins,&  Deborah Frauenfelder,
Refreshments coordinators: Lee Johnson & Rick Burton
Ballot Counters: Sherry Londo-Thomas & Pete Hazlet (filling in)
Test Speaker: Ousmane Ndoye

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