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Simply Speaking Minutes
July 19, 2012

Another great meeting Thursday night!  Lori Bibeau called the meeting to order, reminded us to turn off our wireless devices, and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The word of the day was Plethora: overabundance, excess, the theme was “Opportunity is a’ knockin’, as in each week opportunity is knocking for people to fill roles.
Maura Thompson was our Toastmaster.

Lee Johnson was our Inspirator for the evening remining us how a smile works on others. 
Dale Jenkel was our first speaker The title of his speech was Evaluate to Motivate from the High Performance Leadership Series.  He told us how valuable they are in providing immediate feedback.  He mentioned covering key points, build self-esteem, and provide 5 -7 positives for each recommendation. 
Our second speaker, Darryle Brown, gave a speech from the Better Speaker Series Manual entitled “Selection Your Topic”.  He noted two areas where we can all pull ideas for speeches from, personal experience and reference material.
Great job from both speakers in providing us with a lot of information!

Table Topics Master Diane Nuss offered up some great questions for participants guest Steve Coe and members Marcy Brack, Lori Bibeau, and Will Osagiede.

Timer Sherry Londo-Thomas noted that all speakers and table topics participants were in time.
Cybele Antenow returned tanned, rested, and ready to evaluate the meeting and introduce evaluators David Bounds and Alan Swartz.  She also evaluated them in their roles in evaluating and offering up suggestions, in addition noted what a great job the speakers did. 
In his evaluation of Dale, David Bounds said that Dale had touched on all his points and made a good point that the speaker and evaluator should get together before the meeting to go over the objectives of the speech.  He did suggest that Dale work the floor a little more and have a stronger summation, but overall it was a great speech.
Evaluator Alan Swartz liked Darryle’s opening, asking what gives us the jitters when choosing a speech topic.  With some great ideas from the speech, Alan suggested handouts and suggested we all register our next 3 projects so we are committed and we can prepare.
Ah Counter Deborah Frauenfelder caught all our ums and double clutches. She also recognized the people who didn’t use them.
Grammarian Anne Tacanosky counted the people who used the word of the day, quite a few did!  A pat on the back to those of you who did.

Quizmaster Gigi De Gala tested our listening skills before Maura handed out the awards.

Best Table Topics: Guest Steve Coe
Best Evaluator: David Bounds
Best Speaker: Darryle Brown
President Cybele welcomed our new members Davorka Lipovscak and Zelimir Adamic, as well as our guests for the evening. 

Cybele also mentioned Toastmasters Leadership Institute on 7/21/2012, which is open to everybody.  There is one coming up in Ft Collins and in Colorado Springs.  The next one will be in 6 months.

Margaret Seyer gave Cybele a warm welcole as or new President

Maura reminded us all to go to the website for event information.

Members present included: Davorka Lipovscak and Zelimir Adamic, Anne Tacznowsky, Cybele Antenow, Tom Marrs, Connie Akins, Alan Swartz, Joe Long, Joel Weismann, Margaret Seyer, Darryle Brown, Maura Thompson, Diane Nuss, David Bounds, Marcy Brack, Felicia Arambula, Deborah Frauenfelder, Lori Bibeau, Dale Jenkel, Pete Hazlet, Sherry Londo-Thomas, Will Osagiede, Kreg Lyles, and Gigi De Gala.
Guests: Cliff Long, Leo Chen, and Steve Coe.
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