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Simply Speaking Minutes
June 28, 2012

It was a dark and dreadfully hot night, but inside Colorado Community Church it was cool and comfortable as speakers lit up the night.

Sgt at Arms Dale Jenkel started us off with the pledge of allegiance

The Toastmaster was Lee Johnson
The word of the day was jingoism – noun, extreme devotion to a belief or nation. 
The theme “Patriotism”

Inspiration was provided by Dale Jenkel, who told us to inhale confidence and exhale fear. He then turned the meeting back over to Toastmaster Lee Johnson.

First speaker Danae Deal told us about meeting two runaways while on a business trip to Salida. They were hitchhiking cross-country to a Rainbow People gathering and wove it into a story about the time she & a friend had run away. She knew what they were going through, so she fed them and got them a room for the night and reminded us we all need to see rain to see a rainbow.

Speaker two Alan Swartz gave an impromptu speech explaining how he got into Toastmasters and how much it’s grown over the years. He provided a lot of details and had enough information for several more speeches on Toastmasters.

Third speaker Deneen Stone, in her second speech “It’s All About Me” rocked the house telling us we all have a purpose in life and we need to enjoy life and enjoy who we are.

Kreg Lyles provided excellent feedback to Danae, noting how she wove together part of her life story with that of the runaways. This was his first time in the role of evaluator!

Tom Marrs provided excellent feedback for Alan’s speech. He noted that there was a plethora of information, enough for several speeches. 

Connie Akins gave kudos to Deneen for her presentation and stage presence. She noted how Deneen didn’t refer to her notes and advised her to get the speaker’s stand out of the way.

Margaret Seyer was our Table Topics Master. Participants included two guests: Ricardo Hernandez and Dave Pollack. Margaret took a question, as well as George Maestas.

Best Table Topics: David Bounds
Best Evaluator: This award went to Connie Akins, but she awarded it to Kreg Lyles because she knows how challenging it is evaluate the first time!
Best Speaker: Deneen Stone

Members present included: Anne Tacznowsky, Tom Marrs, Connie Akins, Alan Swartz, Margaret Seyer, Diane Nuss, David Bounds, Deborah Frauenfelder, George Maestas, Pete Hazlet, Sherry Londo-Thomas, Deneen Stone, Lee Johnson, Dale Jenkel, Danae Deal and Kreg Lyles.

Guests included: Dave Pollock, Margaret Seyer Sr, Davorka Lipovscak, Zelimir Adamic, & Ben Rushing

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