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Simply Speaking Minutes
July 5, 2012

We had another great meeting with Toastmaster Margaret Seyer calling the meeting to order. Sergeant-at-Arms Danae Deal leading us in the pledge of allegiance

The theme was the Olympics and athleticism was the word of the day.

Inspirator Deborah Frauenfelder urged us to find out where we are on the educational path with Toastmasters and share it with our VP of Education, Dale Jenkel. This way we can set our goals for the coming year and develop a plan to reach them.

First speaker Mauricio Cortes told us more about the financial industry and his plans to start his own business. His financial advisor role would focus on the needs of the investor, not the financial advisor.

Second speaker Marcy Brack entertained us with an incredible tale of love, divorce, and shared custody of a son. It was a tragically funny story with a great ending with her son developing some of the great artistic skills of his dad.

Third speaker Kathy Fortune left us laughing telling us about working in her office in Arvada, going to Franklin Covey, buying $400 dollars worth of books, only to have them thrown out. She became a “dumpster diver’ in a successful effort to find them, with the aid of the Arvada police. She told us seeing an African-American in Arvada is like seeing a UFO.

Table Topics was presented by Deneen Stone. Using cards like they do in the Olympics for scoring, table topics were chosen by selecting a letter or number and then answering the question.
Table Topics athletes included Kreg Lyles, guest Zelimir Adamic, and guest Jason Lee.

General Evaluator Pete Hazlet noted that the meeting got off to a bit of a late start, but Toastmaster Margaret kept things moving smoothly. He also noted Deneen’s creative method for Table Topics.

First evaluator Joel Weismann noted how informative Mauricio’s speech was and how he was looking forward to learning more.
Second Evaluator David Bounds remarked on Marcy’s story telling ability. She made the story sound so real and had a great many great lines, including “you can take someone out of Jersey, but you can’t take Jersey out of someone”.

Third Evaluator Dale Jenkel explained the sandwich approach and used it for Kathy Fortune’s evaluation. She, too, had a great line: “Seeing an African-American in Arvada is like seeing a UFO”.

Best Table Topics: Kreg
Best Evaluator: David Bounds
Best Speaker: Kathy Fortune

Members present included Connie Akins, Alan Swartz, Margaret Seyer, David Bounds, Deborah Frauenfelder, Pete Hazlet, Sherry Londo-Thomas, Deneen Stone, Lee Johnson, Dale Jenkel, Danae Deal, Marcy Brack, Mauricio Cortes, Darryle Brown, Joel Weismann, Anne Tacznosky, Kreg Lyles and Kathy Fortune.

Guests included Annie, Stormy, Cindy Thomas, Margaret Seyer Sr, Davorka Lipovscak, Zelimir Adamic, Jason Lee, Joyce Lee.
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