Sunday, July 8, 2012

Simply Speaking Minutes
June 21, 2012

What a great meeting we had Thursday night! We were a little late starting, but there was ALL that great food! The theme was Carnivale, Frog Boy tickets for sale.

We were led in the Pledge of Allegiance by Toastmaster Cybele Antenow, followed by Immediate Past President Tom Marrs recognizing the hard work of last season’s club officers. They were then discharged by Deborah Frauenfelder, who then swore in the new club officers.

Many, many awards were awarded for both accomplishments and hard work this past year. It was also noted that Simply Speaking is the home of the governors, with Alan Swartz, Deborah, Frauenfelder, Darryle Brown, and David Bounds. 

  • George Maestas Most Improved and Advanced Communicator Bronze 
  • Deborah Frauenfelder Most Improved
  • Diane Nuss for Most Improved Speaker
  • Margaret Seyer for Enthusiasm
  • Sherry Thomas for Enthusiasm. 
  • Alan Swartz  Best Humor
  • David Bounds Best Humor
  • Kathy Fortune Best Humor
  • Maura Thompson Spirit Award
  • Margaret Seyer (CL) 
  • Dale Jenkel (CC),
  • Will Osagiede (CC&CL)
  • Louis Kamga (CC).

  • Kathy Fortune for wins in a speech contest 
  • Gigi De Gala for wins in a speech contest
  • David Bounds for wins in a speech contest
  • Marcy Brack for ACB & ALB
  • George Maestas for ACB.

The Distinguished Toastmaster Awards (DTM)
  • Darryle Brown
  • Alan Swartz.

Triple Crown (awarded in 3 or more categories), :
  • Cybele Antonow (CL, CL, ACB, ALB)
  • Deborah Frauenfelder (LDREXC, ACB, CL)
  • Darryle Brown (DTM, LDREXC, ALS, ALB)
  • Alan Swartz (DTM, LDREXC, ALS)

The Gold Medallion, for exemplary leadership
  • Diane Nuss
  • Connie Akins
  • Darryle Brown 
  • Cybele Antonow 
  • Alan Swartz
  • Deborah Frauenfelder


Entertainment started with a rousing, humours song filled with Toasties sung by guests Elenora & Betty

Joel Weismann in “A Week to Remember” with his story of what he went through in his body-builder competitions. 

We were amazed by Maura Thompson as she went down the list of states in “State Race: in 19 seconds! 

GiGi De Gala showed us how she controlled her fear when giving speeches, especially during a contest. 

Danae Deal did a skit humours called Already Been Chewed that showcased her ability to do physical comedy.
Connie Akins filled us in on what women really mean when they say “You know dear…” 

 Kreg Lyles thrilled us with his impersonation of Bullwinkle. 

David Bounds, Marcy Brack, and guest Larry Scantland entertained us with a Barbie and Ken reunion with GI Joe.

Members present included Anne Tacznowsky, Cybele Antenow, Tom Marrs, Connie Akins, Alan Swartz, Joel Weismann, Margaret Seyer, Darryle Brown, Maura Thompson, Diane Nuss, David Bounds, Marcy Brack, Felicia Arambula, Deborah Frauenfelder, George Maestas, Pete Hazlet, Sherry Londo-Thomas, Daneen Stone, Lori Bibeau, and Kreg Lyles.

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  1. Danae Deal did a skit called
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