Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Meeting Notes 4/28/16

Simply Speaking Minutes
April 28, 2016
Colorado Community Church

The meeting was opened at 7:00 pm when Sergeant-at-Arms Larry Hutcherson called for us to pledge allegiance to the flag.  He then introduced Toastmaster for the evening, Diane Nuss.  Diane then called up Inspirator Deborah Frauenfelder.

During the meeting Diane informed us of some of the national days in May, besides Mothers’ Day.  These include National Chocolate Day, Blame Someone Else Day, and Pack Rat Day.

First speaker Mark Reagan told us a story of a boy trying to find his courage.  The boy, Myobi, had to climb a mountain and face a monster.  Myobi faced the monster, which grew small when he worked up the courage and ran towards the monster.  He will tell this story to a group of 9- and 10 year olds.

Second Speaker, Darryle Brown, gave an educational speech.  He took the pulse of the club while going over what it takes to make a great club. With audience participation he got members’ opinions, experiences, and expectations.  This was a 30 minute speech with more to come.

Kumu Kandaswamy was our Table Topics Master with some great questions and a slight twist.  She called two people up for each question.  One person would answer the question by telling a story and the other person acted it out.

General Evaluator Maura Thompson called on Evaluator Stephen Phinney to evaluate Mark’s speech.  Darryle gave an educational speech, so no verbal evaluation was required.

Vennita Jenkins was our timer while Tom Marrs counted the “ahs”  and other filler words.  Pete Hazlet was the Grammarian and new member Satinder Singh filled his first role as the quizmaster.

Best Table Topics went to guests Nicki & Nicholas
Best evaluator was Stephen Phinney
Best Speaker: Mark Reagan


Election of new officers is June 2.  Nominations are open and you can run for more than one position.  You will only be elected to one position.

Spring Conference May 20 & 21

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