Tuesday, June 7, 2016

May 5th 2016 Meeting Nnotes

Simply Speaking Minutes
May 5, 2016
Colorado Community Church

Theme: Hollywood
Word of the Day: Epitome

Joel Weissman led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to open the meeting.  He then introduced our Toastmaster for the evening. “Hollywood producer” Darryle Brown.

Inspirator Pete Hazlet got us ready for a fun evening.

Vanessa Frazier presented speech number 8 “Empty Nest Syndrome: Another Chapter in the Journey”.  She told us how she discovered new interests after sending her daughter to college.  She provided great visuals to help explain some of the different stages her life has gone through

Second speaker Will Osagiede gave a very informative speech on resistance.  He started by giving us some information about Cinco De Mayo and the Mexican resistance to French rule in Mexico.  He defined resistance in many ways and gave us some great examples of resistance.

Maura Thompson was our third speaker, sharing her vision of reviving the mentoring program in Simply Speaking.  She also covered the importance of mentoring to help members achieve their goals.

David Bounds was our Table Topics Master with some fantastic questions.  Equally fantastic were the responses from our area director Jacqueline Smith, guest Kristen, & Tom Marrs.
General Evaluator Deborah Frauenfelder called on Joel Weissman, Tien Pham, and Mark Reagan to provide oral evaluations to our speakers.  She also evaluated the meeting.

Vennita Jenkins gave the time for the speakers, Table Topics participants, and the evaluators.  Diane Nuss was our “Ah Counter”, with Satinder Singh giving his first Grammarian report.  Quizmaster Stephen Phinney tested our listening skills for the evening.


Table Topics: Tom Marrs
Evaluator: Mark Reagan
Speaker: Vanessa Frazier

Present at the meeting: Deborah Frauenfelder, Tom Marrs, David Bounds, Vennita Jenkins, Pete Hazlet, Vanessa Frazier, Will Osagiede, Maura Thompson, Darryle Brown, Joel Weissman,Tien Pham, Mark Reagan, Diane Nuss, Satinder Singh, Stephen Phinney.
Special Guest: Area Director Jacqueline Smith


Sandy Dixon and Mark Reagan will be representing Simply Speaking in the Table Topics and International Speech Contest May 7 at the District Conference.  Let’s all be there Saturday morning to cheer them on.

Nominations are open for officers positions.  Take your Simply Speaking experience to a new level as a new officer of our club!


Denver District  Contest

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