Monday, June 27, 2016

June 16th

Simply Speaking
June 16, 2016
Colorado Community Church

With Diane Nuss filling in as Sergeant-at-Arms the meeting was opened at 7:00 with the Pledge of Allegiance.  She then introduced Toastmaster Pete Hazlet.

Maura Thompson was our Inspirator for the evening.  She reminded us of the good that rose out of the violent events of the week, giving us a positive message of love rising over hate.

“Think Positively” was the title of Diane Nuss’s speech.  Speaking from the Speeches by Management manual, our first speaker of the evening delivered a great speech highlighting the benefits of change.

Stephen Phinney spoke second, telling us about Parkinson’s Disease.  He told us about the symptoms and how it has affected him.  He also explained what he is doing to live with the disease.

Our third speaker was Tien Pham.  His speech “Comedic Tools, How to Add Humor to Your Presentations”  offered some great tips for adding humor to speeches.

Tom Marrs followed the speeches with Table Topics. His questions elicited some great responses from some of our members and one guest.

Chelsa Newberg was our General Evaluator.  This was her first time in this role as she called on the speakers’ evaluators and evaluated the meeting.  The evaluators were Darryle Brown, Jim Roth, and Vanessa Frazier.  She also called on Ah Counter Darryle Brown and Grammarian Deborah Frauenfelder.

Best Speaker: Diane Nuss
Best Evaluator: Vanessa Frazier, Darryle Brown, and Jim Roth (YES, a 3-way tie!)


Toastmasters Leadership Institute  is Saturday June 25.  If you haven’t registered you can register at Red Rocks Community College starting at 8:30.  For the new officers this is an opportunity to learn about your new roles.  It is also open to all members who would like to explore officer roles and take advantage of other information sessions.

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