Thursday, March 18, 2010

Simply Your Best Speaking Begins Here

Simply Your Best
Speaking Begins Here

Congratulations to all of the participants and winners of Simply Speaking Toastmaster's 2010 International Speech and Table Topics Contest.

International Speech Contest
Ist Place: Ian Humphrey
2nd Place: Connie Akins
3rd Place: Cindy Thomas

Table Topics Contest
Ist Place: Connie Akins
2nd Place: Darryle Brown
3rd Place: Heidi Williams

Tonight, I felt like a proud mother just watching everybody doing their best. It was very organized and executed smoothly and with enthusiasm and energy. I counted 35 people and felt a special spirit in the room as we watched and listened to members who believed and celebrated their own possibilities.

Can I tell you how it feels to be a president of a Toastmasters club whose members will do their best? Let me tell feels great! As I sat back and enjoyed the evening, I recognized the careful planning, follow-up, educating, supporting and working together to make this contest successful.
  • I saw the influence of our VP of ED Neisha Balleck in all aspects of tonights contest. I fully trust her to do a great job every single time. She does her tasks with grace and her trademark Balleck smile that warms our hearts.
  • I admire how Contest Chairwoman Abigail Smucker executed an organized plan and learned the value of effective delegation. As soon as the contest started, she sat and allowed the others to perform their tasks. As VP of PR, I saw her personally taking our guests to the 2nd floor to show them our meeting room. where did she find the time?
  • Madame Toastmaster Marcy Brack looked great and was the charming host and effective leader during the contest. She just took charge and gave us a great contest. We just love her so. Congratulations for a job well done!
  • David Bounds was a revelation. He was our awesome Chief Judge. He also served as the Creative Director who came up not just with a great look and feel for the meeting, but a new branding for Simply Speaking. He designed and created the program, composed the rallying cry that was on the back of the program and made me wear a bomber jacket.

The club contest can't simply work without the help of the following members.

  • Margaret Sayer, Abigail Marrs and Rachel Davis = Sgt of Arms
  • Kumu Kandaswamy and Judd = Counters
  • Gigi de Gala, Carol Harris, Cybele Antonow and Michelle Bires = Judges
  • Felicia Arambula and Louis Kamga-Ngameni= Timers
  • Pete Hazlet = Foodmaster
  • Betty and Elinora, Darryle, Paula, Ian, and Neisha, Kumu, Connie and Alan ( famous homemade salsa) who brought drinks and refreshments. Forgive me if I missed anyone.

Contestants always get energy from the audience. I'm very grateful for those of you who were able to make it tonight. Your support is priceless.

Neisha, thank you so much for the birthday cake and for making me 29 years old...again. If you allow me, I'll consider tonight one of the best birthday gift I have ever received.


  1. I concur. The amazing potential this club has in its growth and development is virtually unlimited. One thing I love about your term as our leader and president is (like I was) it looks like you're having FUN and that spirit is clearly manifesting in the culture of our club. I'm so proud of you and I'm glad you took the vision and ran with it. Thank you, Gigi!!!