Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Announcing the new blog! Simply your best Blogging begins here!

Welcome to the new Simply Speaking Toastmasters Blog!

"...a place to discuss, develop, and realize your ideas about public speaking, leadership, and personal growth."

As communicators, we have multiple communication tools at our disposal. The Simply Speaking Toastmasters Blog is a new type of tool that will help us create a central place to converse and broadcast online. Think of it as a bulletin board you might see on a college campus or at a library where you can leave postings and comments.


Since we have a variety of technology savvy in our group, we will start small and add additional instruction if needed. I have created a short list of things you need to know about the blog before you begin using it. You should have received an email from me containing this list.  You can also find this list in a word document posted in the Simply Speaking Google Group under the "Files" section. Please be sure to read this list before you use the blog.


Features of our new blog include:

• Ability for anyone to view the blog
• Add blog postings as an author or via email
• Blog archive that allows easy navigation through current and past blog entries
• Picture slideshow from various meetings and events
• List of websites relevant to the club
• A list of blogs related to public speaking
• A link to get help with the blog via simplyspeaking26@gmail.com

If you would like to be added as an author, please send an email to simplyspeaking26@gmail.com or speak to me, Felicia Arambula, at a meeting.

Ready? Set? BLOG!

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  1. The blog looks good. Thanks for your hard work.