Thursday, March 4, 2010

Movie Night

February 18, 2010

On a cold, snowy day we had a very educational evening. Julia Davis, who is the Lieutenant Governor of Education and Training presented "Movie Night." She showed us different DVDs of some of the winners of the International Speech Contest at the highest level of competition. She provided us with opportunities to discuss what we have seen and heard. She is such a smart lady! We learned not just from listening to her, but also from the discussion. Most of all, we learned from watching the best of the best speak. It became very transparent to us why the winners won. All of the winners shared a very special, but unique quality.... they made us FELT something.

Our VP of ED Neisha Balleck made it all possible. She even arranged the room with chairs facing the huge projector. We had popcorn, soda, vegetables and dip and even comfortable pillows on the floor. Only one brave member attempted to use the pillows and that is Abigail Smucker. Most of us can't get up from sitting on the floor without a lot of pain so we stayed on our chairs. On the "balcony" sections were Cindy Thomas, Cybele Antonow and Neisha.

President Barack Obama was visiting Denver and was causing a traffic jam, but it did not stop our Immediate Past President Darryle Brown from coming to the meeting. It is simply not the same without him in our meetings. We had some technical difficulties, but Tom Marrs made things work. :-) I always admire people who can figure out other people's DVD players. It took me along time to figure out mine. Thank goodness for Abby Marrs who looked very comfortable in her fuzzy slippers. She was the assistant techie for the evening.

Rachel had a smile that can light up a room. Betty Funderburke came looking very chic with her beret. Elinora brought her usual energy and was very generous in sharing the pictures that she took during our "Love Connection" meeting. David Bounds asked really good questions and shared with us unique observations about the winning speakers and speeches. I think, sitting with Marcy Bracks inspired him.

Christin Roberts was paying special attention to the movies and I'm sure she is going to be a winner someday too. The evening inspired Lois Kamga-Ngameni as he prepared for his Ice Breaker speech for the following week. I went home feeling grateful for people like Julia, who drove all the way from the other side of town to help a club and its members be the best they can be. As my head touched my pillow that night, I thought of Simply Speaking Toastmasters club and its members who believe and support each other's potential and possibilities.

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