Friday, August 5, 2016

Simply Speaking Toastmasters
August 4, 2016

22 Members present
Sandy & Will-guests.
A third guest arrived who is a toastmaster from somewhere else.

Meeting began at 7:01.
Margaret welcome everyone and the pledge was completed.

Larry served as Toastmaster and welcomed guests.

Daryl brought up the word 'attitude' as the inspirator.
Tom as the first evaluator introduced Meredith the first speaker.

Meredith completed CC#2 speech.
She brought up the key word of her speech 'transformation'
Transformation comes in when you learn something new about yourself or the world around you. Meredith also focused on things we are incompetent as well as competent at. She also discussed the importance of finding your gift.

Stephen was the evaluator who introduced Alan the second speaker. (Substituted for Tien who couldn't be here)
His speech was titled "Why am I here?"
He focused on three different areas:work, Toastmasters, & prison.
Alan shared his extensive career as a Toastmaster as well as some personal things about being a volunteer in the prison. His speech was very inspiring.

Mark was the third evaluator for Chelsea's speech.
Her speech was titled "The Day I Became an Aunt"
Chelsea shared about the day she found out about her nephew. She mentioned about his time playing soccer, his school life, and other stories about her family.
She wrapped up her speech about finding her brother was having a girl.

Deborah served as Table Topics speaker.
1.Yvonne was the first speaker talking about space odyssey.
2.Reed was the second speaker talked about the word 'pie'
3.Connie the the third speaker and talked about Martians and her daughter.

Tom gave the timer report.

1.Tom was the first evaluator. He mentioned how great Meredith did for being so new Toastmaster.  He brought up several excellent things she did in her speech delivery.
Tom spilled bar b que sauce on his notes.

2.Stephen was the second evaluator for Alan's Speech.
He mentioned how well Alan used laughter to enhance his remarks.
Stephen also brought up how Alan shared some wonderful stories and how Toastmasters has changed his life.

3.Mark was the third evaluator. He shared with Chelsea how her speeches improve and get better each time and how she is more focused.

Tom gave the timer report.

Diane gave the ah counter report.
Steven presented the Ah Counter report.
Marietta offered the questions as Quizmaster.

Margaret shared comments about what a great meeting we had.

Connie-best Table Topics
Mark-best evaluator
Alan-best speaker

Larry commented on the great meeting.

Maura mentioned some accomplishments & solicited feedback from guests.
Tom is the Toastmaster for next week and solicited members for the missing roles.
Mark mentioned the upcoming contest & presented the CC pin to Chelsea.
Vanessa shared that we had 7 new members who joined in July.
Sept 10th is the club party.

Maura-closed the meeting at 8:25.

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