Friday, August 19, 2016

Aug 18 Simply Speaking Minutes

Meeting started promptly at 7:01.

Larry opened the meeting with the pledge of allegiance.
Abukar served as Toastmaster.

The following members were in attendance:
Abukar.   Marietta
David.      Margaret
James.    Trevor
Joel.         Cybele
Tom M.     Larry
Chelsea.   Chelsea
Maura.      Vanessa


1.The first speech was an Icebreaker by Steven. He shared about growing up and traveling in China after graduating college from CU. CC manual #1

2.The second speaker was Marieta. She discussed about important role models in her life and what she learned from them. Marieta also shared about being perfectionist. CC manual #3

3.James gave the third speech. He focused on fear and anxiety in giving a speech. He shared good strategies in preparing and giving a speech. Better speaker series #3

Table Topics:Margaret was Table Topics master tonight.
The following participated in Table Topics:
Cybele-guests to invite to a block party
David-who would you like to help in the community
Larry-What event would you like to invite neighbors to


1.David evaluated Steven's ice breaker speech. He discussed how well Steven did as well as mentioning importance of good hand placement when speaking.

2.Maura evaluated Marieta's speech. She shared how well Marieta spoke and what she learned but also how to go into details about what she learned from her mentors.

The remainder of the reports were given:
Ah Counter-Trevor

The winners tonight were:
Best speaker-Steven
Best evaluator-Maura
Best table topics-David

Abukar turned the meeting back to President Maura

Maura-closed the meeting.
She thanked several members including those who took on new roles.
Be sure to get manuals signed off.
She introduced the guests.
Other announcements:
Vanessa-roles for next week
Club contest-Sept 15th
End of summer party-Sept 10th
area contest Oct 15th
District conference-Nov 11th
Meeting adjourned at 8:20.

Respectfully submitted;
Joel Weissman

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