Sunday, May 17, 2015

Simply Speaking Toastmasters 5/14/15

What you missed: James was an excellent Toastmaster
Innspirator: Maura Thompson (if nothing ever change there would be no betterflies)/

Speaker 1: Mouse Amadou (Best Speaker award)
Words of Wisdom
Stuck in an elevator
Crdit or debit
Forgetting your speach
Mouse's evaluator: Will Osagiede (Best Evaluator)

Speaker 2 Kris Grazuel
Heavy Equipment
Who would have thought it (Kris was spot on with her objectives and had a very good humorus stories
Kris's Evaluator: David Jenkins

Speaker 3 Darryle Brown
Bridgining the Gap
Extremely informative topic about the current state of citizens and police officers

Table Topics Master Brian Hoffler
Jeff Baker (best table topics)
General evaluator: Vennnit Jenkins
Grammarian: Tany Lewis (First time doing this role)
Ah Counter Chelsea
Quizmaster: Margaret

23 Members in attendance and 1 Visitor

Meeting began at 7:00pm and ended at 8:32pm

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