Sunday, May 17, 2015

Simply Speaking notes 4/8/15

Toastmaster: Jean Broida

Inspirator: David Jenkins (Why are you here?)

First Speaker: Kumu Kandaswamy
My Life Journey and awesome inspieration speech
Evaluator : Pete Hazlett (Pete gave great points regarding Kumu's slide show and also talked a little about technical difficulty)

Second Speaker: Chris Grazuil
Chris presented an awesome first speech that allowed the club to get to know her better
Evaluator:Maura Thomas (Maura gave a very detailed evaluation and great points for a new speaker)

Third Speaker: David Bounds
The Moral of the Story
Turtle and the Rabbit
David was funny and presented a great speach about lessons learned
Evaluator Jeff Baker (Jeff presented excellent points for a very experienced speaker)

Best Speaker: Chris Graziul
Best Table Topics: Willl Osageide
Best Evaluator: Maura Thompson

20 members and 3 visitors in attendance

Meeting began at 7:05 and ended at 8:20p

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