Monday, May 20, 2013

Simply Speaking Minutes
Colorado Community Church
May 16, 2013
Our meeting at Colorado Community Church began with Sergeant-at-Arms Joel Weissman leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  He then introduced Connie Akins as our Toastmaster for the first time.
Our theme was “Prepare for a new season” as we prepared to elect new officers for the 2013-2014 season.    Our word of the day was “Invigorate”, give strength or energy to.  
Inspirator Cybele Antonow told us we need an invigorating team of new officers.   She also brought along her yoga mat with some great advice to keep life simple and relaxing.
Connie then introduced Immediate Pas t President Tom Marrs for the election of new officers to lead the club to another exciting year.  Tom asked Secretary Pete Hazlet if we had enough members for a quorum.  A count of hands was taken to verify a quorum.
Our newly elected team of officers:
President: Will Osagiede
VP of Education: Darryle Brown
VP of Membership: Concetta Palmieri
Secretary: Joy Davidson
Treasurer: Kelli Malcom
Sergeant-at-Arms: Joel Weissman
Congratulations and good luck to all of them!
New officers will be sworn in at our end of the season celebration June 27.
Table Topics was the format of the evening to eliminate time constraints for the speakers.
First Table Topics Master Gigi De Gala called on people to accept imaginary awards.
Concetta Palmieri accepted the Foot in Mouth Award.  This allowed her to join the ranks of politicians, actors, and some of her neighbors who have also suffered from “foot in mouth disease:.
The Stinky Shoe Award was accepted by Maura Thompson.  She offered an apology for wearing flip flops.  She normally wears cowboy boots since they come up higher and keep the smell from escaping.
Sherry Thomas accepted the Stella Award.  This is an actual award that is given out for filing frivolous and outrageous lawsuits.  Sherry sued a nosy neighbor who stole her family’s recipe that had been in the family for 10 generations who then started a successful business.   Sherry also won the lawsuit.
The Ignobel Prize went to Jeff Baker, who invented the Snuggie.  This is also an actual award.
Kumu Kandaswamy received the Freedom Award.  She now has the freedom to vote, drive, work, seek and education, as well as all the other freedoms that go with being a U.S. citizen.  Congratulations, Kumu, for this great achievement!
Xiao Liang won the Darwin Award, awarded to people who died in the most ridiculous way.   Fortunately he survived by jumping out of the basket of his hot air balloon. This way he was able to explain that helium and fire don’t mix!
Second Table Topics Master Cybele Antonow asked questions regarding to the participant.  She read the question and then someone would volunteer with an answer.
Diane Nuss explained how she gets invigorated each day.  She depends on a shower and coffee to get her invigorated.
Monica Alvidrez told us that if she threw a party and money was no object she would throw a huge party to celebrate.  
Kelli Malcom shared with us what last made her really laugh.  He son bought a car and invited her to drive it.  He didn’t think she knew how to drive with a standard transmission, but she got the last laugh because  she does know how.
Zelimir Adamic shared with us his invigoration story.  He told us about a brand of vodka called Invigorate, and drinking it made him “invigorated”.
Darryle Brown answered the question “Which is better, certainty or uncertainty?”  If he has money coming in, certainty is better.  If he owes, then uncertainty is better.
Time Keeper Joy Davidson reported that all Table Topics participants were in time.
Ah Counter Monica Alvidrez reported on the uhs, ahs.
Grammarian Maura Thompson kept track of who used the word of the  day and some great phrases used by the speakers.
Quizmaster Tom Marrs checked to see if we had our listening ears on.

Awards went to
Best Table Topics 1st Session: Zelimir Adamic
Best Table Topics Session 2: Kumu Kandaswamy

Present at the meeting: Monica Alvidrez, Darryle Brown, Joy Davidson, Lee Johnson, Pete Hazlet, Will Osagiede, Allan Swartz, Diane Nuss, Kelli Malcom, Felicia Arambula, Connie Akins, Kumu Kamdaswamy, Maura Thompson, Cybele Antonow, Joel Weismann, Jeff Baker, Kathy Fortune, Tom Marrs, Xiao Liang, David Bounds and Gigi De Gala.
Our guests for the evening were Sruti Pradhan, Concetta’s dad & stepmom – Frank and Elizabeth Palmieri, Zelimir Adamic, and Davorka Lipovscak.

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