Monday, May 13, 2013

Simply Speaking Minutes
Colorado Community Church
May 9, 2013
Our meeting at Colorado Community Church began with Sergeant-at-Arms Joel Weissman leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  He then introduced our Kelli Malcom, serving as Toastmaster for the first time.
Our theme was “To Begin”.   The word of the day was “Thwart” (verb)  - to block, to prevent from accomplishing a purpose; to frustrate or baffle (a plan or a purpose).
Inspirator Kelli Malcom gave us another view of the word impossible.  If you break up the word it says “I’m possible”.
First speaker Marcy Brack roasted Deborah Frauenfelder.  In a light-hearted manner Marcy told us about the great friendship she and Deborah shared and the support Marcy received as she began her journey with Toastmasters.  Marcy earned her Advanced Communicator Gold with this speech.  Congratulations, Marcy!
Second speaker Dana Morgan, in her speech “You….Have the Power” provided us with some great examples of random acts of kindness can brighten anyone’s day.  It could be as simple as a compliment or letting someone cut in line in front of you at the grocery store.  Thank you, Dana, and come back anytime!
Kathy Fortune was our third speaker.  In her speech, “The Journey” she shared with us the upbringing she received from her grandmother and the promise she made with her best friend, Roy.  With the great humor that is her trademark she revealed the pact she and Roy made to become doctors and the promise she made to her grandmother to help the poor and a “Doctors Who Care” program she is starting.  She also told us to be “intolerant of any medical professional who doesn’t care.
Table Topics master Joel Weismann called on guests Dana Morgan, Mike, Matt Dudzick, and David Jenkins.  They all provided some great responses when asked what they would say to any world leader of their choosing.
Margaret Seyer was our General Evaluator. She introduced the evaluators and provided an evaluation of the meeting.  We started on time and first timer Kelli Malcom kept the meeting moving smoothly.  
Pete Hazlet was our first evaluator.  He pointed out how humorous Marcy’s speech was, and a great tribute to Deborah for all that she has done for Marcy.
Second evaluator Darryle Brown told Dana that it was an honor to evaluate his mentor.  Her used humor very effectively and gave a very polished speech.
Third evaluator Jeff Baker told Kathy that her speech was very well organized, soulful, and vivid.  Her face was also very expressive as she told us about some very special people in her life.
Time Keeper Diane Nuss reported that all Table Topics participants were in time, as well as the evaluators.  Kathy was over, but Marcy and Dana were in time.
Ah Counter Felicia Arambula reported on the uhs, ahs,’as well as the “you know” and other filler words we hope no one hears..
Grammarian Sherry Thomas told us two people used the word of the day.  Great phrases were used by the speakers and table topics participants, too.
Quizmaster Matt Dudzick checked to see if we had our listening ears on.
Guest and founding member Dana Morgan left us with these words: We all make the club, it is our club.  The members of the club make it what it is”.
Awards went to
Best Speaker: Marcy Brack
Best Table Topic: David Jenkins
Best Evaluator: Jeff Baker
Present at the meeting:Monica Alvidrez, Darryle Brown, Margaret Seyer, Pete Hazlet, Deborah Frauenfelder, Kelli Malcom, Felicia Arambula, Matt Dudzick, Joel Weismann, Jeff Baker, Kathy Fortune, Diane Nuss, David Jenkins, and Veneeta Jenkins.
Our guests for the evening were Marcy Brack, Drew Peterson, Dana Morgan, Jim, Mike and Sandy.
May 25 Xiao Leong and Darryle Brown compete against each other in Table Topics at the District Conference.

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