Monday, March 4, 2013

Speech & TT Contest 2013 Minutes

Simply Speaking International Speech and Table Topics Contest   Minutes
Colorado Community Church
February 28, 2013

The Simply Speaking Speech and Table Topics contest started at 7:00 pm with Sergeant-at-Arms Margaret Seyer leading us in the pledge of allegiance.

Toastmaster Darryle Brown explained what the progression of the Table Topics and Speech contests.  He also gave the order in which the contestants would speak in each portion of the contest.  The order of the speakers was chosen at random before the start of the meeting.

Chief Judge Diane Nuss verified the judges, explained the procedures of the contest and verified the timers and the timing equipment.

Sergeants-at-Arms Margaret Seyer and Joel Weismann escorted the Table Topics contestants from the room for the Table Topics contest.   Each speaker was asked the same question so their response could be voted on.  Margaret escorted the contestants back to the meeting room and Sergeant-at-Arms Joel Weismann gave them their cue to step forward.

Table Topics contestants included the following:
Contestant  1 - Connie Akins
Contestant  2 - Maura Thompson
Contestant  3 - Ed Pens
Contestant  4 - Kelli Malcom
Contestant  5- Cybele Antonow

After each contestant spoke the judges filled out their ballots and handed them to the ballot counters. 
A brief intermission was held while the ballots were counted.  

The International Speech Contests followed the Intermission and  procedures were again explained for the Speech Contest portion.

International Speech Contestants included:

Speaker 1 Connie Akins with “How to Get What You Really Want”
Speaker 2 Cybele Antonow with “Choose Your Outcome”

Awards went to the following people:
Table Topics:
1st Place: Ed Pens
2nd Place: Maura Thompson
3rd Place:  Cybele Antonow

Speech Contest
1st Place: Connie Akins
2nd Place: Cybele Antonow

First place winners will compete in the D6 Area contest April 9.  If for any reason they cannot compete, the second place winners will compete.

Members present:
Margaret Seyer, Pete Hazlet, Deborah Frauenfelder, Cybele Antonow, Gigi De Gala, Kelli Malcom, Billie Jo Roach, Tom Marrs, Ed Pens, Felicia Arambula, Alan Swartz, Connie Akins, Maura Thompson, Sherry Thomas, Joel Weismann, Darryle Brown, Kumu Kumdaswami, Will Osagiede,  Diane Nuss, Joy Davidson,  and Concetta Palmieri.

Guests: Mark Akins, Estelle Roseland, Jeff Baker, Xiao Laing and Stephanie Osagiede.

Our Distinguished Guest: Deborah Frauenfelder

Chairperson: Concetta Palmieri
Chief Judge: Diane Nuss
Timers: Tom Marrs and Gigi De Gala
Toastmaster: Darryle Brown
Sergeant-at-Arms: Margaret Seyer and Joel Weismann
Refreshments coordinator: Cybele Antonow
Ballot Counters: Pete Hazlet and Deborah Frauenfelder

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