Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Simply Speaking Minutes
Colorado Community Church
The theme was “Happiness is….being a Toastmaster!” 
The word of the day was loquacious – talkative, gabby, chatty, garrulous.
 With two folk tales for speeches it was a story book night.   Joel Weissman filling in as Sergeant of Arms we opened with a reminder to turn off our cell phones and the Pledge of Allegiance.  Joel then introduced us to Toastmaster Dale Jenkel. 
Our Inspirator, Leo Chen told us of an athlete who had lost many games, had been called on to take the winning shot and missed 26 times, and is a six-time NBA champion named Michael Jordan.  Leo urged us to be like Mike, get in the game and keep trying because every time we try we get better. 
 Sherry Thomas shared her version of Repunzel with Repunzel: The Remix.  Oakley and Agnes lived next store to an evil witch who grew a plant called Repunzel.  Oakley was caught stealing the plant and had to surrender his daughter to the witch, who locked Repunzel in a tower.  Repunzel was eventually saved by a prince who married her.  Of course her hair kept growing and had to be cut.  That led Repunzel to opening a hair weaving business.  Some of her customers included Goldilocks, Cinderella, and Snow White!
Darryle Brown, our second speaker, gave us a speech titled “Win the Interview, Win the Job/Promotion.  It is a ten part series in which he answered the question “Why interview?”  Now we know the answer and you can learn why and many other things during this ten –part series.  He told us about his years working for the Denver Sheriff’s Department, getting laid off and landing a new job soon after because of the skills he learned at Toastmasters.
Marcy Brack, our third and final speaker for the evening told the story of the Velveteen Rabbit.  The toy rabbit was given to a small boy who loved the rabbit and told it someday it would be a real rabbit.  He later became very ill and had to be quarantined.  All his toys were put out by the trash and the Velveteen Rabbit started to cry, he was turning real.  In the spring the boy was recovered and saw his toy rabbit was real as it played with the other rabbits.  She ended with a great line, “It doesn’t matter what you look like as long as you are loved”
David Bounds led the Table Topics with questions related to fairy tales.  Participants included guest Joy Davidson with her interview as Red Riding in the hood.  Concetta Palmnieri was another guest with what people will have at Applebee’s –Mary will have a little lamb and Red will be wolfing down her food.  Guest Rich Burton had to tell the story of the 4th little pig and Louis Kamga-Ngameni talked about the ass in the lion’s den.
Diane Nuss was our General Evaluator for the evening.  She introduced the evaluators, as well as evaluating the meeting, which started on time and moved along very nicely.  She also evaluated the evaluators, commenting on their strong points.
Will Osagiede said in his evaluation of Sherry Thomas that she told it as if she had written it.  He also noted that Sherry has a knack for telling stories.
Kathy Fortune was equally enthralled with Darryle’s topic on interviewing.  She appreciated the fact that he drew on his own experiences for his speech.
Pete Hazlet told Marcy that her speech was great.  It was vivid and people wer drawn to it and it was easy to visualize the boy getting the rabbit, becoming sick and having to throw out all his toys.  Of course it had a happy ending and a great closing line.
Anne Tacznosky was our timer for the evening and she did a great job of keeping time.
Joel Weissman was our Ah counter, catching them all, unfortunately.  But that is an opportunity for all to learn, too.  This was Joel’s first time in this role, too.
Margaret Seyer filled in as the Grammarian, keeping track of who used the Word of the Day which was used eight times, not counting the two times after her report.
Quizmaster Dale Jenkel tested our listening and memory skills for the evening.  As Toastmaster he also handed out the awards.

The awards were presented to:
Table Topics:  Concetta Palmieri
Best Evaluator:  Pete Hazlet
Best Speaker:  Sherry Londo-Thomas

Next meeting is August 30, same time, same place.   Please sign up for a role.
Members present: Dale Jenkel, David Bounds, Margaret Seyer,  Louis Kamga, Darryle Brown, Leo Chen, Pete Hazlet, Sherry Londo-Thomas,  Deborah Frauenfelder, Kathy Fortune, Diane Nuss, Joel Weismann, Anne Tacznosky, Cybele Antonow ,Will Osagiede, and Marcy Brack .

Guests: Rick Burton, Margaret Seyer Sr, Joy Davidson, and Concetta Palmier

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