Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Simply Speaking Minutes

The Word for the day was Evocative – bringing strong images, memories, or feelings to mind. 
The theme for the evening was “Ride the Rail”, as in light rail, something everyone should for getting places.

Margaret Seyer filled in as sergeant-at-arms and led us in the pledge of allegiance after the call to order and the reminder to turn off cell phones.  She then introduced the Toastmaster for the evening, Deborah Frauenfelder.  

Felicia Arambula was our Inspirator with a simple message – smile.  It can make you feel better.  She also urged us to smile before we start our speeches to ease nervousness and we as audience members should smile at the speaker. 

First speaker Maura Thompson titled her speech “How’s About a Roll”, but it wasn’t the kind you eat.  She showed us new links to meeting roles and covered the responsibilities of each role.  Her purpose was to get us all on the same page in performing the roles we select.  More information is available on the website.  Great job, Maura!

The second speech, “Staying in Shape:’ presented by David Bounds told us the story of a young girl in Colorado Springs who decided she didn’t like circles anymore.  She was undecided on what she liked, but David was definitely in favor of circles because of their round, continuous shape.

Kathy Fortune astounded us with her soulful interpretation of narrative poetry.  There are five types of poetry, and Kathy did a super job with this. 

Alan Swartz was our Table Topics master for the evening, offering some evocative questions for the participants.  Participants included Diane Nuss, Davorka Lipovscak, Connie Akins,  Zelimir Adamic and guest Rick Burton.

Margaret Seyer was our General Evaluator for the evening.  She introduced the evaluators, Ah counter, Grammarian and Quizmaster, as well as evaluating the meeting, which started on time and moved along very nicely.  She also evaluated the evaluators, commenting on the great job they all did.

Joel Weismann provided an excellent evaluation for Maura’s presentation on selecting roles and researching them so we know what’s expected of us when we fill a role.  He also complemented her for making the website very interesting.

Second evaluator Leo Chen complemented David Bounds on his great humor and said David missed his calling.  He also noted David’s visuals with the picture of the little girl and use of the whiteboard.

Danae Deal finished up the evaluations with her fine evaluation of Kathy Fortune.  Danae complimented Kathy for her strong vocals, great interpretation and speaking skills.  She also noted she got a lot of meaning from the selection.
Great job by all three evaluators on three great speeches!

Connie Akins kept track of the time. We had two speakers and all Table Topics participants were in time.
Darryle Brown counted all the ah’s and other filler words.  He mentioned who went over five and those who have improved.
Lee Johnson filled the role of Grammarian, keeping track of who used the Word of the Day which was used six times, three of those by Alan.
Kreg Lyles was the quizmaster, who did a fabulous job tested our listening and memory skills.

The awards were presented to:
Table Topics:  Davorka Lipovscak
Best Evaluator:  Leo Chen, his first time in that role!
Best Speaker:  Kathy Fortune

Next meeting is August 23, 2012 same time, same place.  
Feel free to sign up for a role.

Members present:
Dale Jenkel, David Bounds, Margaret Seyer,  Kreg Lyons, Darryle Brown, Leo Chen, Pete Hazlet, Sherry Londo-Thomas, Zelimir Adamic,  Deborah Frauenfelder,  Felicia Arambula, Danae Deal, Kathy Fortune, Connie Akins, Davorka Lipovscak, Alan Swartz, Diane Nuss, Joel Weismann, Maura Thompson, and Marcy Brack .

Guests: Rick Burton, Margaret Seyer, Sr, and Colleen Shannon .

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