Sunday, December 12, 2010

favorite Christmas movie

My favorite Christmas movie is.....ELF!
The reason I love this movie so much is that my daughter and I have the same bizarre sense of humor and we love to watch the innocence of Will Farrell portraying himself as a large but boyish elf. Since he grows up thinking he is an elf, he has no other paradigm or frame of reference when he travels to New York to find his dad. Will pulls off the immature and obnoxiousness nature of a boy in the same fashion Tom Hanks did in the movie "Big." Some of our favorite scenes are when "Elf" (Buddy) gets hit by a taxi cab because he runs across the street without looking and instead of getting upset with the cab driver he profusely apologizes for getting hit. "Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!" It's great physical comedy. Another scene we love is when he decides to answer his father's business phone and he says "So and So Publishing, what's your favorite color?" Shouldn't we all inquire about each other's favorite color? My favorite color use to be fire-y red, but I've mellowed a bit with age so I like a little blue as well, so now my favorite color is purple because that's what you get when you mix red and blue! You can tell a lot about a person if you know their favorite color!! What's your's??
  Another great line: "I like smiling, smiling is my favorite!" ME TOO!
Happy Mappy Holidayz! Cybele Antonow

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  1. Looks like I need to take a look at the movie through Netflix. Thanks for the commentary, Cybele