Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fabulous Simply Speaking Holiday Party!!

On December 18th, we had a fabulous time at the Simply Speaking Toastmasters' holiday party hosted by Billie Jo Roach, our VP of Public Relations. Our event are well planned with the purpose of team building and getting to know all of our members in a relaxed setting, which is not as possible to do in a regular meeting. Here are some of the awesome pix. Enjoy!

The amazing maestro Connie tickling the ivories!

Club member Mario Mongalo's child may become a future toastmaster!

The ever so dazzling Billie Jo and Mario mingling during the party.

I sure hope Cybele can keep Alan from eating up all of the grub.

Mario's beautiful family!

Terrific Tom, Excellent Ed and the ever Dynamic David!

Magnificent Margaret as a class act during the party game.

Lesley, Mrs. Marrs and the gang mingling and having fun.

We just love hanging out...won't you join us?

Tom Marrs and his wonderful wife enjoying everyone's company.

The Browns (not related to me) are all together.

"What in the world is this thing?" said George.

Deborah, Marcy and Tom's wife sharing a laugh!

Dazzling Darryle, Bountiful Billie Jo and Amazing Alan turning the party out.

Billie Jo, Marcy, Felicia, Alan and David is one the other team for the games. (They won because they probably cheated...I'm just sayin'. LOL!)
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  1. Thanks for posting, Darryle! The party was super fun. Kudos on posting pics to the blog!

  2. Thanks, Felicia. I will start posting on a more regular basis, to include tips from the Leadership Excellence, Better Speaker and Club Excellence series in the near future.