Monday, June 23, 2014

Meeting Minutes June 19, 2014

simply Speaking
Meeting Date: 06/19/15
Meeting Location: Colorado Community Church
Recorded By: David Jenkins

1      Attendance


  • 35 members in attendance

6 visitors

  • 3 speeches performed
    • Gi Gi De Gala High Performance Leadership
      • Gigi delivered and exceptional speech about Aurora’s Leadership Academy
    • Debra Frauenfelder Competent Communicator Manual
      • Debra provided the club with a great vocal variety speech that inspired Simply Speaking to build trust and by giving back to co-workers and peers.
    • Yvonne Buck, Competent Communicator Speech 4 (How to Say it)
      • Yvonne delivered an outstanding and emotional speech about Arc Angel Michael

(Yvonne performed her 10th speech in her competent communicator. CONGRATULATIONS!) 


  • First Timers
    • Table Topics: Larry Hutcherson
    • Jean Broida:  Speech Evaluator
    • Sarah Sun Timer

Great Job guys


Club Officer Installation Ceremony conducted tonight

2      Meeting End

Meeting Schedule End: <8:30 PM

Meeting Actual End:  8:45pm


3      Post Meeting Action Items


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