Sunday, April 21, 2013

Toastmasters song

Enjoy this fun Toastmasters song written by George Peele (son of Alan Swartz)

(to the tune of "Riders in the Sky" as recorded by Johnny Cash & others)

Some people when they're asked to speak
in front of a big group
their throats go dry, their knees get weak
they don't know what to do
but there's somewhere that they can turn
where they can get some help 
my dad's a prominent member
by his license plate frame, you can tell

Public speaking's a ginormous fear
up there with death
but super friends are always near
don't turn to Coke or meth
don't be a yellow belly
just log onto Yellow Pages
and call them on the tele
you'll thank me for ages

Yippee Yi yea
Yippee Yi yo
Toastmasters slay stage fright

You'll overcome your nervous ticks
and master gestures too
and then there is Table Topics
talking off the cuff's cool
your sweaty palms will dry up
you will surely fidget less
and it won't even cost that much
much less than you might guess

music: Stan Lee, lyrics: George Peele
(303) 931.8466

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