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Simply Speaking Minutes
Colorado Community Church
February 7, 2013

Another great meeting at Colorado Community Church began with the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Margaret Seyer.

The theme was “Community” and the Word of the Day was “Denizen” n. inhabitant; one that frequents a place.

Toastmaster/Inspirator Concetta Palmieri used a quote from Lady Bird Johnson, explaining the importance of community.  In the frontier days neighbors were few so community was important, today community is important because there are so many of us.  

First speaker Alan Swartz’s speech “What Will They Say” talked about what people might say when we pass on.  He covered events and people in his life and asked what we want to be remembered for.  He pointed out that it’s the people’s lives we touch that are more important.  Thanks, Alan, for a very thought provoking speech!

In her speech “How Does Your Garden Grow” Kelli Malcom pointed out that the thoughts we keep can be either good seeds or bad seeds.  She told us that forming false beliefs plants “weed seeds” in the gardens of our lives.  This speech comes at a special time in Kelli’s life as she hears a different calling.  Thanks, Kelli, for a great speech with awesome advice!

Third speaker, Gigi De Gala, spoke about leadership.  Asking for comments from the audience, she listed several traits of an effective leader.  She pointed out that a good leader will take charge and can influence people.  It was pointed out that value systems and leadership styles play an important role, too.   Thanks, Gigi, for a great and informative speech on leadership.

Table Topics were led by Margaret Seyer.  Participants included David Bounds, guest Monica Alvirez, and Ed Pens.

General Evaluator Deborah Frauenfelder introduced and evaluated the evaluators.  She also evaluated the meeting, which started on time and moved smoothly along under the guidance of first time Toastmaster Concetta Palmieri.

Tom Marrs evaluated Alan’s speech.  Alan had a great opening telling us that the lives we touch are more important than our accomplishments.  Alan did a great job switching between his spirit and the person giving the eulogy.  

Connie Akins began her evaluation based on Kelli’s theme in her speech.  Kelli opened asking us to close our eyes and imagine ourselves in an English garden.  She also told Kelli that she  planted a seed in Simply  Speaking when she joined us.

No evaluator was needed for Gigi’s speech since hers was an educational speech from the Leadership Excellence series.

Timekeeper Maura Thompson reported that Kelli was the only speaker in time.  Table Topics participants and evaluators were also in time.  

Pete Hazlet was our “Ah” Counter for the evening.  He did a great job keeping track of all the ahs and ums, including his own.

Grammarian Will Osagiede reported some great lines people used.  He also counted the use of the word of the day.

Quizmaster Joel Weissman tested our listening skills as he asked us questions about what people said in their speeches, table topics, and evaluations.

Awards went to
Best Evaluator: Connie Akins
Best Table Topics: Ed Pens
Best Speaker: Kelli Malcom

Present at the meeting:
Margaret Seyer, Pete Hazlet, Kelli Malcom, Will Osagiede, Ed Pens, Alan Swartz, Maura Thompson, Deborah Frauenfelder, David Bounds, Gigi De Gala, Tom Marrs, Connie Akins, Joel Weissman, Cybele Antonow, Concetta Palmieri, Diane Nuss, Sherry Thomas .

Guests: Xiao Laing, Monica Alvirez and Judy Dishman

  • Simply Speaking is now PRESIDENT'S DISTINGUISHED
  • No meeting February 14th
  • Team Building party @ Cybele's Sunday Feb. 10th, 2013 at 3pm
  • Toastmasters International and Table Topics contest February 28th
  • Guest Speaker Hillary Blair March 7th
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Next meeting February 21, 2013
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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