Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Simply Speaking's mighty MENTORS! We want YOU!

With all of the new members accepted in Simply Speaking recently, it calls for the demand for more mentors. As I visited all of my area clubs and clubs abroad, I found that 99% of them have no structured and solid mentoring program to aid in the development and retention of new members, which is alarming. Many of these clubs are struggling with retention and attendance as a result, but YOU can help stop the downward trend!

Simply Speaking's Vice President of Education Tom Marrs and I have teamed up to launch the club's mentoring program district-wide and eventually to the entire Toastmasters organization. There is no program like ours in the organization, it's easy to follow and easy to use in training others so that "each one, teach one".

For this endeavor to be successful, we need people like you to step up and become a mighty mentor! If you have been an active member for nearly a year, working toward your goals as a communicator and leader and want to see others in our clubs become successful, the intangible rewards of making a difference in others are priceless. When a fellow toastmaster is successful, we're all successful! We are calling on your involvement, your "toastimonial" on its impact and feedback on how we can continually make the mentoring program better.

Simply Speaking is on the verge to take center stage in the standard of excellence for raising up earth's mightiest toastmasters and that includes YOU! Contact Tom Marrs today and tell him you want to become a part of the Simply Speaking POWER SURGE in the days to come by becoming a mighty mentor! See you at the top!
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  1. Good luck with the mentoring program. It is very helpful to have a mentor!